Kansas Jobs Plummet In Latest Brownback Disaster—Oklahoma Gov Following Same Econ Plan

What a catastrophe Kansas has become. When then Governor Kathleen Sebelius was in charge, the economy looked solid. Schools were getting better and better, and the future looked bright. Now look at the pathetic disgrace the state has become.

Under Sam Brownback’s leadership, Kansas has sliced and diced services and given substantial tax-cuts to the rich. It hasn’t trickled down. The economy in the state is now growing slower than the United States. The “tax cutting superstar” lead the state into an estimated $1.1 billion budget deficit in just two years of his genius Ayn Rand plan. Once it became clear that there was no possible way to pull Kansas out of the massive budget deficit, Brownback reportedly choked back tears in a session with legislators. It’s unclear whether he was crying for the people of Kansas or his own political career going up in flames.

Now it seems Kansas is taking yet another hit. According to the Kansas City Star, the state lost 4,300 jobs in between only June and July. The unemployment rate has increased for the fourth straight month to 4.6 percent, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. At this rate, Kansas “now has 1,700 fewer jobs than it did at the start of 2015.” All in a day’s work for Team Brownback. Heckova job, Brownie.

The same thing Brownback did to destroy the Kansas economy is the plan Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has adopted for her state. The result? A more than $600 million budget shortfall was announced in May, and Fallin’s tax cuts are just about to take hold in January. At a time when Oklahoma can’t afford it… a tax cut? Who had that bright idea? Oh… Brownback did. Now look at his state.

“I do not feel like they are listening to us. They are not listening to the citizens of Oklahoma and they need to,” said Oklahoma PTA board member, Lori Wathen to News 9. Welcome to Republican-run government. What citizens want doesn’t matter. Don’t like it? Tough, you’re the ones who voted these idiots in there, and now you get to suffer the consequences of your own votes.
According to the Oklahoma Policy Institute, this catastrophe comes at the hands of lousy policy decisions and tough economic times in Oklahoma. When the government was handed to Fallin in 2011, times weren’t great, but they were looking up. There were a few concerns, but the state was going to be okay. What Fallin failed to do as a leader is prepare for the worst. What most families do when they’re having a great time with cashflow is spend some and save some. Fallin basically went out and spent it all on hookers and blow for the rich. Now the state is in free fall.
  • “State formula funding for public schools remains $172 million below FY 2008 levels, while enrollment has increased by over 45,000 students.
  • “The Department of Corrections is operating with 400 fewer correctional officers than in 2008, even as the inmate population continues to grow.
  • “State government employs 7 percent fewer employees than four years ago and 3 percent fewer than in 2001—despite population growth, heavier caseloads, and new mandates and responsibilities.”
This is the outcome of the trickle-down way. You right-wing idiots brought this on yourselves and it’s hard to have any sympathy for the people who voted for them. You get what you vote for. Elections have consequences and not voting is just as bad because you’re basically handing the vote to someone else.
When I was talking to friends back home about this, I said that a lot of times the decisions by policymakers are almost like dealing with alcoholics. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you go to rehab. Kansas and Oklahoma voters need to hit rock bottom before they realize voting for these people hurts. The only thing the rest of us can do is sit back and watch it happen. When it does, come in and help them up, clean them off, and put them on a bus to a program.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr and Wikimedia.