Kansas Jobs Plummet In Latest Brownback Disaster—Oklahoma Gov Following Same Econ Plan

What a catastrophe Kansas has become. When then Governor Kathleen Sebelius was in charge, the economy looked solid. Schools were getting better and better, and the future looked bright. Now look at the pathetic disgrace the state has become.

Under Sam Brownback’s leadership, Kansas has sliced and diced services and given substantial tax-cuts to the rich. It hasn’t trickled down. The economy in the state is now growing slower than the United States. The “tax cutting superstar” lead the state into an estimated $1.1 billion budget deficit in just two years of his genius Ayn Rand plan. Once it became clear that there was no possible way to pull Kansas out of the massive budget deficit, Brownback reportedly choked back tears in a session with legislators. It’s unclear whether he was crying for the people of Kansas or his own political career going up in flames.