Wingnut Blogger Matt Drudge Diagnoses Hillary Clinton As Old And Sick (TWEETS)

Republicans are desperate. The endless cavalcade of lies and crazy talk should be a solid enough indicator. But the way they’ve treated both Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards and especially Hillary Clinton during their respective congressional hearings illustrates how the GOP is willing to resort to just about anything to smear powerful women — hell, women in general for that matter.

One of the most nefarious smears against Clinton is the ongoing conspiracy theory that she’s too old and that she suffered brain damage from a concussion in 2012. There’s no evidence that either issue is a serious problem, and it’s always bizarre to hear such nonsense from the party that gave us nominees like (then) 73-year-old cancer-survivor John McCain and 70-to-78 year old Saint Reagan. And even though Clinton is clearly just as sharp as she’s always been, it doesn’t matter because the lie is so easily accepted by the mouth-breathing hillybilly base.

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton endured 11-hours of nearly continuous questioning with professionalism and aplomb. More importantly, there really wasn’t a single moment when she appeared fatigued, confused or cranky, which is more than we can say for men like Donald Trump who refused to endure a three-hour CNBC debate.

But that didn’t stop human-flukeworm hybrid Matt Drudge, operator of The Drudge Report (he “rules” the traditional media’s world, says Mark Halperin), from pinpointing Clinton coughing very late into the proceedings as an indication that she might be terribly ill.


Yes, thank you, Dr. Flukeworm, for this expert diagnosis. A grateful nation appreciates your awesome talent for evaluating anxiety and thyroid disorders in presidential candidates during congressional testimony that lasts 11 hours. Funny, I have a similar talent — and based on your tweets, I can tell you’re squatting in a tub of tapioca pudding while wearing a rubber gimp mask under your stupid fedora. One mystery: how do you update your website with all that lube on your fingers, doc? Never mind. I don’t want to know.

If you thought President Obama leaving office would put an end to the insane conspiracy theories and far-right nutbaggery, you thought wrong. Indeed, it’ll only get crazier with Hillary Clinton in the White House. The GOP will go indiscriminately crazy when and if she’s inaugurated, and it’s going to be so much fun to watch.

Featured image: video screengrab