Bette Midler Perfectly NAILS Benghazi Truthers And Idiot Fox News Viewers (TWEET)

There’s a certain breed of human in the United States that has become immune to facts and reality. These people can be exposed to facts repeatedly, but because their brains have been so utterly filled with poppycock and malarkey, they wouldn’t recognize the truth if it was directly in front of their face screaming, “Hey, I’m the honest truth!”

These people are the ones who will tell you everyone else is lying to you, and only their set of “facts” are the ones that count. Who are these simple-minded halfwits who missed the plane to Jonestown and found a new cult to worship?

Fox News viewers.

Here’s some actual news for the folks who tune out reality to focus on the voices in their head turned into television programming made to perfectly fit their bewildered look on reality — there’s no such thing as different sets of facts. There are facts, and then there’s opinion based off those facts. Fox News is opinionated spin on the actual news made to suit the messaging of the conservative side of politics. They will tell you bits of information within this spin that can be related to the truth, BUT it is never the whole story. AND since Fox News has so masterfully gotten its viewers to believe that they are the truth and everyone else is lying, the news network could, in fact, be considered its own sort of cult. Where one must buy in to the lies and never look back no matter how many facts are presented.

Now, enter the Benghazi committee that recently interrogated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for ELEVEN hours, yet uncovered no new information. Why? Because there is no new information and the committee was admittedly designed to tear Clinton down and prevent her from becoming President of the United States.

Don’t believe me? Ask Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Oopsidaisy. Funny how the facts always sneak their way in every now and then, even with Republicans.

Calling out the kind of bullshit that surrounds all these politically-motivated Benghazi investigations – that are unwarranted and utterly disrespectful to the families of those who lost their lives – is the Divine Miss M. — Bette Midler. She sums up perfectly the Benghazi committee and the idiocy of those who view Fox News and believe the propaganda they spew on a daily basis.

She states:

“3-in-4 Americans believe the Benghazi Committee is politically motivated. Meanwhile, 1-in-4 Americans never turn off Fox News.”

And that pretty much sums it up. Those who are not brainwashed by the spin of Fox News are perfectly aware of the truth regarding Benghazi and the committees investigating the attacks over and over and over. The other folks, well, they’re part of the brainwashed cult that can’t think for themselves, nor look up research, nor have rational thought and reason on their own.

Good on you, Ms. Midler for calling it like it is.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons