Ben Carson Literally Vows To Crash The Economy In First Year If Elected President

Americans had better brace themselves for an economic calamity if Ben Carson becomes president.

In a stunning display of ignorance of what the debt ceiling does, Carson promised that if he is elected president, he will veto debt ceiling increases starting the first year he is in office.

As most Americans should know, the debt ceiling is the limit of how much money the federal government can borrow to pay debts already incurred. Should the debt ceiling not be raised when the Treasury advises Congress that it needs to be, the department would have to resort to extraordinary measures to make prioritized payments. If the Treasury is unable to make payments on the debt, however, it would trigger a default that would cause a recession and other economic problems for the United States and the world.

But Ben Carson either doesn’t understand or he just doesn’t care.

During an interview with The Hill, Carson vowed the reject debt ceiling increases and any budget deal that includes a debt ceiling increase from day one.

“If I’m elected, in January of 2017, we will begin to address the budget immediately. We’re not going to wait until October or November to do it, when we’re backed against the wall. And I will make it very, very clear that there will not be any budget signed that increases our debt ceiling. It will have to be done.”

In other words, Carson wants to smother the government with a pillow by preventing it from borrowing funds to meet financial obligations. Refusing to raise the debt ceiling would allow him to do exactly that and it could set off a series of economic crises including a downgrade of our national credit rating and a downturn in the stock market, both of which have happened on previous occasions when Republicans held America hostage in an effort to get their own way.

Carson also criticized Congressional Republicans for waiting until the last minute to get budget deals done, apparently forgetting that Republicans do that on purpose. He also apparently has no idea that by vetoing a debt ceiling increase, he would also be helping them cause a default that would hurt the economy.

“They do the same thing every year. They wait until their backs are up against the wall and the gun is to their head, and you either raise the debt ceiling or we default and the world falls apart. Why do we do that? I think the time to address that is at the beginning of the fiscal period, not at the end, because then you have other options. Now, they wait until it’s too late to do anything else, and we keep raising the debt and compromising the future of the next generation. It is craziness.”

Yes, Republicans in Congress are crazy for refusing to raise the debt ceiling as a strategy to get what they want. But Carson is even crazier for saying that he would veto debt ceiling increases. Raising the debt ceiling allows the Treasury to borrow the money the government needs to pay debts, so it’s a necessity. Defaulting on debts is a bad thing, so not raising the debt ceiling would wreck the economy and the ripples would cause recessions around the globe. Not doing so would damage the full faith and credit of the United States and could end up being a repeat of the 2008 recession. Surely, most Americans remember how much of a disaster that was and how much it harmed our country as a whole.

This is yet another MAJOR reason why Ben Carson is unfit to be president.

Featured Image: Wikimedia