Ben Carson Gets Fact-Checked Live During The Debate And Turns Into Sputtering Idiot

In an early sign that CNBC’s moderator┬áBecky Quick wasn’t going to settle for just letting each Republican candidate spout lies at the podium, she actually brought some hard numbers to the debate… and left Ben Carson struggling to explain himself.

In recent weeks, Carson has been trumpeting his “flat tax” plan. On paper it sounds simple. He would tax everyone at the same 10 percent rate (he describes in more religious terms: tithing). In reality, it would send the deficit skyrocketing, collapse the social safety net and screw everyone but the richest of the rich. Directing her question at Carson, Quick said she tried to do the math on his plan and absolutely none of it added up.

“I’ve had a really tough time trying to make the math work,” Quick, a business analyst for CNBC noted. “If you were to take a 10 percent tax, with the numbers right now on total personal income, you’re going to come in with $1.5 trillion dollars… that is less than half of what bring in right now.”

Carson first tries to suggest that he didn’t really mean 1o percent, he thinks the tax will be closer to 15. That’s sure to go over well with his “tax is tyranny” conservative base. Hilariously, Quick crunch the numbers again right on the spot – and Carson would still blow a $1.5 trillion dollar hole in the deficit.

To cover the rest, Carson says America would have to do some “strategic cutting.” He means slashing welfare benefits, jobless benefits, food stamps, subsidized housing programs, and when those numbers still don’t close the gap, defunding the EPA, NASA, and – probably – “liberal” colleges.

Quick nails it: “You’d have to cut the federal government by about 40 percent to make up the numbers.”

After stumbling over his words, Carson sputters: “It’s not true! When we put all the facts down, you’ll be able to see it works out very well.” He has zero facts to back up his claims, so he resorts to flat-out denial.

Bravo to Quick for shattering Carson’s delusions on live television. That was fun to watch.