Watch This Woman Pretend To Be Drunk To See What Men Will Do (VIDEO)

A social experiment conducted by rehab clinic, Centro Europeo Neurosalus, has just revealed some disturbing results about societal attitudes and behavior toward women.

In a 10-minute clip uploaded to YouTube, the clinic shares the outcome of its experiment — in which an actress pretended to be intoxicated in the middle of the afternoon. As she drinks from a beer bottle, taking a “passive” attitude and pretending to be lost and without any battery left on her phone, the experiment plays out to see if the men around her would help her or try to take advantage of her vulnerable state.

The results may surprise you:

In the video, the “drunk” woman is approached by several men — but even though she mentions that she is very drunk, feels sick and doesn’t know where she is, not one tries to help her in any way. Instead, they suggest buying her more alcohol, and some even try to get physical with her.

In one instance, a group of four older men approach the woman and ask her where her friends are. When they find out that she is alone with a dead phone, they offer to help her find her friends. At first it looks like the woman might have found people interested in helping her, until one of them sinisterly says, “I don’t believe you drank enough,” and the men offer to buy her more beer.


In another encounter, a man tries to lead her away to a staircase so she can sit down. He is forceful and grabs her hand, even though she objects.


In yet another situation, two men try to persuade her to hang out with them. One forces a hug onto the woman, and the other tries to make her go with him to his hotel, so she can drink more and charge her phone.



In perhaps the most disturbing confrontation shown, a man pinned the actress against the wall and tried to kiss her several times. At one point, a panicked crew member had to step in and take the actress away from the man because he was becoming too sexually aggressive.


As the crew member tries to pull the actress away from the offender, the man tries to hold onto her and pretend that he and the woman know each other. It’s an uncomfortable scene, and fortunately no one was hurt. As the male crew member leads the actress to safety, he can be heard saying, “Don’t let anyone touch you.”

This woman — the actress — was fortunate to have a crew nearby to ensure her safety. She was also lucky enough to not have really been lost, intoxicated or without a working cell phone — but as the director says in the video, the reactions of the men she encountered are disturbing and hardly isolated instances. He says:

“Most of you are probably surprised and some of you also disgusted and maybe you are thinking that we have avoided some scenes favouring the most “juicy” parts, but I am afraid to deceive you. It really was the opposite. Those situations full of rudeness and physical abuse were taken away because there is no need to show it in such depth.

The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video. Why? Because nobody got close to helping this drunken woman.”

If these awful reactions could happen in the middle of the afternoon — at 5:30 pm in Madrid while there is still light and tons of people around — what could happen to a young woman on a Friday or Saturday night? Dr. Sarah Jarvis, medical advisor to alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, commented on the video and said:

“It is never a woman’s fault if she is attacked or assaulted when she’s under the influence of alcohol. Nobody should ever do that to anybody else particularly if they’re vulnerable, but as this video shows it can happen.”

In the encounters shown above, the men have objectified the actress, and failed to respect her and treat her as a human being. It’s these attitudes that can lead to misogynistic behavior and actions that take advantage of others. This actress was lucky, but there have been endless stories about women young and old being sexually assaulted while intoxicated or in other compromising positions. Hopefully this video exposes these disturbing reactions for what they are — predatory and selfish — and will make people think twice the next time they encounter someone in a vulnerable situation.

Featured image via screenshot