CNN Host Puts Carly Fiorina On BLAST After Repeated Lies During The Debate (VIDEO)

It’s very unfortunate that Republicans are immune to facts, because proper recollection of events, facts and figures could really do them some good every now and then. One of the most immune to facts seems to be Republican presidential candidate and failed former HP head, Carly Fiorina.

If it wasn’t bad enough that she lied during the last debate about Planned Parenthood, now Fiorina has decided to provide more hyperbolic rhetoric to try and boost her failing poll numbers. Either that, or she’s generously trying to boost the pay of fact checkers everywhere.

While on CNN’s New Day with Alisyn Camerota, Fiorina was reminded of her remark during the debate where she claimed “92% of the jobs lost during Barack Obama’s first term belonged to women.”

Camerota was quick to point out that:

“According to the Washington Post factchecker, that is a recycled talking point from the Mitt Romney campaign that they’ve deemed as false.”

Fiorina, quick to jump to her own defense regardless of facts, said that Washington Post has no credibility. Then she doubled down on her original remarks from the debate, saying:

“The extreme poverty rate among women is at the highest level ever recorded. The number of women living in poverty is at the highest level in 20 years.¬†And every single policy that Hillary Clinton is now proposing demonstrably we have evidence that suggests causes women to be fired, not to be hired. The record is very clear on that.”

When Camerota asked if there’s new data to back that up, and if Fiorina should use the new data, the candidate responded with, “absolutely not,” then proceeded to blame the media for asking questions about what she says.

The nerve, really, for the media to hold candidates accountable for what they say. How dare they?

What’s most interesting about all of this is this little thing called facts, and those facts reveal that more women were working by the end of President Obama’s first term than when he came in with the worst recession since the Great Depression. According to CNN, who grabbed numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (are they also part of the evil liberal media?):

“In January 2009, there were 66.5 million American women working in non-farm jobs, compared to January 2013 when there were 66.9 million. That’s an increase of over 400,000 working females in Obama’s first term.”

Sure looks as though the Obama administration that Fiorina is saying was so bad for women, was actually pretty damn good.

Hopefully, one day, Fiorina will figure out that facts and data do exist, but until then, factcheckers should have comfort in knowing they’ll always have a job correcting her errors.

Video/Featured image: YouTube