Judge Blocks Alabama’s Attempt To Defund Planned Parenthood, Slams The Conservative Witch Hunt

With the current backlog of trials and court hearings, you might forgive a judge for showing very little patience for a politically-motivated witch hunt meant to undermine women’s healthcare.

In Alabama, conservative pro-lifers faced a huge set back in their attempts to destroy Planned Parenthood when U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson — no stranger to calling bullshit on conservative antics — slapped down their attempt to defund the state’s health clinic. His contempt for the people who wasted his and the court’s time with such an egregiously unlawful legal maneuver was barely contained.

Over 66 pages, Judge Thompson’s ruling oozed disgust for the state’s audacious plan to pull the wool over the court’s eyes. His conclusion? Alabama couldn’t identify a single legal reason why they could or should cut funding to Planned Parenthood. He also noted that by attempting to shut down the health clinics, Republican lawmakers were violating the “free-choice-of-provider” provision of the Medicaid Act. Which is, of course, Alabama lawmakers’ whole goal.

At the heart of the case, Alabama’s governor Robert Bentley (R) had hoped that his own ideological opposition to abortion would be enough to allow him to make that decision for millions of women in his state. Presumably, knowing that shutting down the clinics would also mean men and women would have less access to STD testing, cancer screenings and birth control was merely collateral damage. An acceptable cost to imposing his fanatical anti-abortion will on the people of his state.

Judge Thompson was quick to point out that by closing these clinics, women would have a lot less options for healthcare in the state, and that Bentley’s administration couldn’t even come up with a valid reason for why they were doing so.

Gov. Bentley had initially claimed that shutting down the clinics was important because of what was found on secretly taped, heavily-edited videos released by a pro-life group. There were just two problems: The videos have been decisively debunked, and none of the videos came from Planned Parenthood clinics in Alabama. In fact, Alabama’s sparse abortion clinics don’t even participate in “fetal-tissue donations” as Judge Thompson was quick to point out.

“The parties do not dispute that no employee or representative of Planned Parenthood Southeast is depicted in these videos and that PPSE does not participate in fetal-tissue donation, and never has.”

The whole case had been built on smoke and mirrors.

Needless to say, Republicans — faced with yet another setback in their pro-life battle built on lies — are bummed by the ruling. Bentley immediately released a statement saying he was “disappointed, and vehemently disagree” with the ruling. He claims he is discussing things with his administration and may decide to waste more taxpayer money on a fruitless appeal in the future. In other states, Republicans are watching their plans to kill Planned Parenthood go down in flames in similar fashion. Having launched numerous “investigations” into the ethical practices of Planned Parenthood, not a single one has found any wrongdoing.


Feature image via YouTube