WATCH: Black Man Completely Out Of F*cks To Give Plays ‘F*ck The Police’ When Pulled Over

Chutzpah. Big Brass Ones. Nerves of Steel. Audacious. Completely out of fucks to give. None of these quite captures the reality of a black man in Texas standing up for his constitutional rights in the ballsiest way imaginable.

The set up is simple: Phillip Turner spotted a group of cops surrounding a shirtless man sitting on the sidewalk after midnight. Turner happens to be one of those pesky people that likes to hold the police accountable for their actions, so he got out of his car and started recording the incident, which is 100% legal.

The cops, of course, were not happy about this. Perhaps because it’s harder to justify an upcoming group stomp of a mentally ill man when someone is standing there recording everything? Regardless, one of the cops confronted Turner and tried several times to get him leave. After a while, the police had the mentally ill man put into an ambulance and Turner drove off and that should have been the end of it.

Buuuuuuut this is the police we’re talking about and abuse of power has become absolutely routine:

He was pulled over within two minutes, accused of driving with his high beams on. He pulled into the parking lot of a 7-11 and pulled out his Fair DUI flyer, created by South Florida attorney Warren Redlich and popularized by PINAC’s Jeff Gray.

As police did to Redlich in August when they arrested him for trying to drive through a DUI checkpoint in Miami by refusing to roll down his window, only placing his drivers license, registration, proof of insurance and Fair DUI flyer against the window, the Arlington cop began knocking on his window, insisting he needed to hold his license.

Turner remained silent throughout the entire detainment, answering questions by pointing at the items he had pressed against the windshield.

He then put in a CD and started playing “Fuck the Police” at full volume on his car stereo, the 1990s hip hop hit by N.W.A.

Here’s the hilarious video (queued to 10:36 when Turner plays the CD):

Retaliation by the police for exercising your constitutional rights has sadly become the norm in America. Unfortunately for them, the proliferation of cameras is exposing the cops’ bullying tactics and the public is turning on them. Even lily white America no longer believes that the police protect and serve anyone but themselves and the 1%.

But for me, one of the most unsettling things about the video is how Turner refuses to make eye contact. It’s possible that this was a sign of disdain, but it’s just as likely that he was treating them like one would treat a wild animal. The police have earned a reputation for going nuclear when they feel they’re being “disrespected” (see the recent assault of a 16-year-old female student by a cop twice her size) and nothing is more disrespectful to a cop than looking them in the eye without fear, or worse, contempt.

It doesn’t matter if you think Turner was provoking the police or not, he was well within his constitutional rights and that’s ALL that matters. In America, I can tell a cop to kiss my ass and there is literally nothing he can do other than return the verbal abuse that would not immediately violate my civil liberties. Cops and cop apologists will say otherwise, but they can never coherently explain what part of the law gives the police the right to punish people that “disrespect” them.

Keep up the good work, Turner, and I agree, as long as they’re acting like a bunch of thugs, fuck the police!

Featured image via screencap