Paul Ryan Is Asked What He Could Achieve In 6 Months And He Has No Answer (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan, the newly appointed House Speaker, has just revealed to everyone how incompetent he truly is. During an interview on Meet The Press, host Chuck Todd asked Ryan one simple question: What’s one thing that he could accomplish in six months?

Ryan didn’t have an answer. In fact, Ryan completely avoided the question and instead rattled off several common, well-rehearsed Republican talking points. He began his detour by saying, “Working families are falling behind, the economy is stale… our foreign policy is a disaster” before turning his embarrassment and shame into a criticism of President Barack Obama. He continued, still avoiding Todd’s question, “Look at the disaster that the rollout of Obamacare is continuing to be.”

You can watch Ryan stumble his way through the interview below:

Ryan’s contribution to America as Speaker of the House certainly doesn’t look promising right now. He’s just one week into his new position, but he’s already being called out for his entitled and outrageous GOP values. Even before Ryan’s appointment, he was receiving criticism for the list of demands he outlined before taking the position. One of the items on that list happened to be paid family leave time and a healthy work/family balance – something that he wanted the privilege of having but was not willing to grant the rest of Americans with.

One of the issues Ryan is running into as Speaker is the ultra-conservative  House Freedom Caucus, which wants even more confrontation with Democrats and Obama. Paul has already decided to avoid bringing immigration reform to the floor of the House – an initiative he had once strongly supported – perhaps in an attempt to stay on good terms with the Freedom Caucus. Before stepping into his new role, Ryan had promoted the idea of “working together” – but he certainly doesn’t appear to be sticking to it.

Featured image via NBC (screenshot)