Trump Derails Republican Plan To Control Debates, Throws The Rest Of Pack Under The Bus

Who could have possibly seen it coming? The Republican Party’s resident egomaniac (and yes, also its current presidential frontrunner) took advantage of a golden opportunity to screw his competitors and get ahead. Just one day after Trump and his advisers joined the campaign staff of the other 14 Republican candidates currently running for president in order to hammer out a list of demands they would ask that all networks abide by if they wanted to hold a Republican debate on their stations, Trump’s team threw the rest of the GOP under the bus.

The GOP had made a very public spectacle of itself in creating this letter (you can read the embarrassing details here), and had hoped that in unity they could force the mainstream media from asking “liberal” debate questions like “please use facts to back up your policy positions.” If the Republicans had hope that this would be like Martin Luther nailing his ninety-five theses to the church door, they were sorely disappointed. Rather than respect, the gamble was met with widespread mockery and disbelief. Somehow whining about questions being too hard and demanding that they be given a “safe space” to debate didn’t go over well with the American people.

But one man sensed the changing wind direction and already bailed: Donald Trump.

In a move that will assuredly derail any attempt to get networks to fall in line, Trump said he would not bother standing with the other candidates and would instead work directly with the networks. Reporters Robert Costa and Dave Weigel, who have been chasing this story from the very beginning, caught wind of Trump’s move to screw over his competition.

Donald Trump and his advisers have decided to work directly with television executives and take a lead role in negotiating the format and content of primary debates, which have become highly watched and crucial events in the 2016 race, according to Republicans familiar with their plans.

Trump will reject a joint letter to television network hosts regarding upcoming primary debates drafted Sunday at a private gathering of operatives from at least 11 presidential campaigns, the Republicans said.

Without Trump, no network is going to take the demands seriously. With one dick move, he imploded the chances of success.

For Trump, it’s clear that he feels he is negotiating from a position of strength. After all, he has consistently maintained a huge lead over most of his challengers and even in recent months as other candidates surged, he has stood out as a clear frontrunner. He also believes he alone brings in the ratings. Whether that is because people like his policy positions (which polls suggest they don’t) or whether they tune in to watch Trump being a belligerent trainwreck (which anecdotal evidence suggests they do) is left for you to decide.

The temper tantrum that led to Republicans writing a letter demanding their debates be handled with kids gloves, and the subsequent fall out simply reinforce what many around the country have been sensing from the beginning: The Republican Party has ceased to be a serious political platform and has descended into a kind of twisted madness and self-parody. Young Earth Creationists rub elbows with unrepentant racists and Ayn Rand superfans. And then there is Trump, who seems willing to screw over all of them out of sheer narcissism.

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