Is He Okay? Ben Carson Now Weirdly Ranting About ‘Submarine’ Targeting Him (AUDIO)

Dr. Ben Carson is running one of the weirder presidential campaigns in recent history, even in a year headlined so far by reality TV star Donald Trump. It just got weirder.

Appearing on a satellite radio program operated by the conservative, Carson accused one of the rival campaigns aiming a “submarine” at him. Carson was complaining about revelations published in the right-wing National Review about Carson’s connection to Mannatech, a supplement company he allowed to use his image in web materials and videos and who he gave speeches for.

On Tuesday, Breitbart executive editor Steven Bannon asked Carson in a radio interview whether the retired neurosurgeon thought that writers like Geraghty were unfairly singling him out for “special, brutal treatment.”

“Well, they’re concerned about — that obviously comes from someone on that debate stage,” Carson told Bannon on Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Daily.” “That’s a submarine that’s sent by them. They’re very concerned about me, and they’re using National Review as their political tool. That’s pretty obvious.”

During the Republican presidential debate, Carson lied about his connection to the company with several legal settlements in its closet for sketchy claims about the efficacy of its products. He told the moderator that he had no connection to the company, making it seem as if the videos he made for them did not exist, as well as the speeches he had given for them.

National Review writer jim Geraghty responded to Carson on Twitter, writing, “No, @RealBenCarson, no other campaign contacted me about your connection to Mannatech.”

Carson, who is currently promoting his new book – conveniently using his presidential campaign to gin up publicity for sales – has had a campaign marked with odd statements and claims. He said he would use the Department of Education to monitor colleges for political bias, and base federal funding on its findings, and he claimed prison turns people gay.

That he would now be ranting about submarines seems to fit right in.

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