Sarah Palin’s Snotty Reaction To The CNBC Debate Is Authentic Frontier Gibberish

While the GOP presidential candidates lapse into delicious outrage comas over being asked really, really mean questions during last week’s CNBC debate, and while the Republican Party¬†fires off lists of demands to future debate hosts that include¬†specific directions to the nearest toilet (not making that up), it only makes sense that Winky “You Bethca” McJutty weighed in on what’s clearly a major issue for the GOP.

Yes, Sarah Palin fired off one of her now infamous (seemingly) drunken rants on Facebook about the debate and, predictably, she made it all about Sarah Palin.

Before we dig into Palin’s remarks, I’d like to underscore the pathetic, childish, petulant behavior of the GOP in the face of unpredictably difficult questions. These are people who are running for the presidency, though I’m not sure they clearly grasp the demands and rigors of the job. If they can’t deal with John Harwood or Megyn Kelly — reminder: they freaked out after the Fox News debate, too — how can they possibly expect us to entrust them with the most important job in the free world? It’s a job that involves being constantly, and often unfairly assaulted by friends and foes alike.

Remember how the GOP blasted Barack Obama for not being as tough as Putin? In hindsight it’s hilarious knowing how they all crumbled when faced with questions from CNBC moderators over their business records and press clippings. Perhaps the list of GOP demands should include a fainting couch on the stage, and free adult undergarments for crapping ones pants in the face of a hard question.

Speaking of crap, let’s get back to Palin. Here’s what she wrote on her Facebook page:

Finally it occurs to folks this idiotic practice of “throwing GOP candidates to the wolves”? Yeah. I’ve been there. I’m beyond crying you a river… beyond EVER claiming “victim status”… but for y’alls edification, I sure don’t remember all this GOP outrage and the establishment’s conscience leading to rescue attempts at THAT time. It’s sweet how life goes on anyway

Bizarre and absent punctuation aside, and if my American-to-English language translation skills are firing on all cylinders, it sounds like Palin is saying that the GOP never protested after she was asked tough questions during her run for vice president in 2008. And, yes, the press asked tough questions, such as: “What does the vice president do?” Palin was given at least three tries and never once got it right. In other words, she couldn’t correctly describe the role of the job for which she was running.

Watch even the first five minutes of Steve Bannon’s “The Undefeated” to get a clue.

And there it is. The Undefeated is a documentary about… Sarah Palin. Grifters will grift. Also, five minutes is about all you’ll be able to tolerate.

After having to sneak in my own personal phone calls to conservative media during the ’08 campaign (as Sean Hannity and Alaska’s own KWHL can attest) because the GOP machine chose instead to line up those liberal man-eater, out-of-context interviews (suspiciously, rarely were they aired live – always edited to fit the liberal reporters’ narrative)

Remember! Palin went rogue! Because she doesn’t retreat, she reloads. Also, rogue! Seriously, she’s saying here the GOP totally screwed her by booking interviews for her with hard-hitting journalists like, you know, Katie Couric. I know, I know. “What magazines do you read?” — those are fighting words, and no mortal human should be forced to answer probing, brain-melting questions like that.

…well, it was obvious that some highly paid campaign consultants (STILL suckering candidates in to hire them today!) were as smart as a box of rocks.

Smart as a bag of rocks, eh? These are the same consultants who suggested McCain nominate Palin for vice president. Maybe they’re not MENSA members, but I’m sure they can tell us what the role of the vice president is without lapsing into gibberish and patriotic word-blurting.

So, all told, Palin’s reaction to the CNBC debate involved two things: fuck the GOP for not protecting Palin from meanies, and buy her video hagiography. Better get on that, GOP.

To quote Keith Olbermann –“This woman is an idiot.”

Featured image via video screen capture