Ben Carson’s Former Classmates Disprove His Stories Of Being A Violent Teen (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has been spewing a lot of nonsense about his past and the divine intervention that saved him from his so-called violent outbursts lately. The retired neurosurgeon has frequently mentioned that when he was younger, he was quite angry and dangerous – until a religious experience that took place in the bathroom of his Detroit home turned his entire life around.

Bu,t like many of the stories Carson has told about his past, these tales appear to be unraveling one by one. CNN decided to get a better feel for who Carson was in his youth by speaking with the candidate’s former classmates at Southwestern High School and a few close neighbors. Surely, they would remember the troubled young man Carson claims he used to be, right?

Not necessarily. In fact, Carson’s former peers and friends have zero recollection of the bad-tempered teenager Carson has painted his younger self to be. The nine people CNN spoke to described Carson as “quiet,” “bookish,” “nerdy,” and “kind,” all stating that they saw no evidence of anger or a hot temper – very much in contrast to what Carson has said about himself in his books and speeches. Those former students and acquaintances also said that they were surprised by the stories of violent outbursts Carson had told, which included an attempted stabbing over a radio song and an incident where Carson tried to attack his mother with a hammer because they were fighting about clothes.

But could it be that maybe these people just didn’t know Carson well enough? Gerald Ware, a former classmate of Carson’s, doesn’t seem to think so. Ware said:

 “Take my word for it: Everyone at Southwestern would know about it if something like that happened.”

Here’s a video with some of the interviews CNN collected:

Carson’s campaign was understandably annoyed that CNN had tried to dig deeper into Carson’s past with the intention of separating truth from fiction. The campaign refused to give CNN further details about the incidents Carson had spoken of, and expressed annoyance at the fact-seeking story. Armstrong Williams, Carson’s business manager, said to the news network on Friday:

“Why would anyone cooperate with your obvious witch hunt? No comment and moving on…… Happy Halloween!!!!!”

Last month, Carson’s story about how he was held up at gunpoint at a Popeye’s restaurant in Baltimore fell apart, as there was a serious lack of evidence. According to the Baltimore police, a police report of the incident couldn’t be found. Carson’s campaign responded that the “details are hazy because that incident did occur over 30 years ago.”

Featured image via Ben Carson Facebook page