This Brutal Ad Should End David Vitter’s Political Career (VIDEO)

All the polling and momentum in Louisiana’s gubernatorial election has been in the favor of the Democrat, John Bel Edwards. And he just released an ad attacking Senator David Vitter that is one of the most brutal ever in a governor’s race.

Edwards, currently serving in the Louisiana House of Representatives, was an Army Ranger and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, which the ad points out. The voiceover notes that Edwards “answered the call” to serve his country.

By contrast, the ad refers to Vitter, who “answered the call” of “the DC Madam,” Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Vitter’s phone number was discovered amongst her records and when his office was asked about his involvement with the prostitution ring, Vitter released a statement referring to “sin” and asked for forgiveness. The release was followed by a news conference with his wife by his side but he did not take questions on the scandal.

Vitter refused to step down from his seat. He later announced his candidacy for governor ofLouisiana.

In the state’s open primary system, Vitter came in second place behind Edwards, earning 23% of the vote. Louisiana requires a runoff election between the top two finishers, which will be held on November 21.

Current polling shows Edwards in a strong position. He has polled at 54% and 51%, while Vitter has polled at 38% and 40%. For Edwards to win will require strong turnout among black voters.

Edwards was recently endorsed by the current Lieutenant Governor, Jay Dardenne. Dardenne said current governor and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has damaged the party’s brand in the state, and that Edwards can unify Louisiana.

Vitter has attacked Edwards for supporting President Obama in releasing non-violent drug offenders. The Republican Governor’s Association released an ad showing Obama with darkened skin advocating the proposal. The ad also showed Mexicans at the southern border entering the United States. In another ad, the RGA describes Edwards as an “Obama Liberal” out of touch with Louisiana.

In fact, Edwards is far more conservative than the average Democrat like President Obama. It remains to be seen if this strong ad can overcome the conservative leanings of the south. But it is brutal.

Featured image via YouTube