Archaeologists Point And Laugh At Ben Carson Because Ancient Egyptians Wrote Down Why They Built Pyramids

Archaeologists are laughing at Ben Carson because the ancient Egyptians themselves recorded why the pyramids were built.

Earlier this week, footage surfaced of Republican presidential wannabe Ben Carson revealing his personal belief that the pyramids were built by Joseph, with God’s help, for the Egyptians to store grain. Yes, really.

“My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain. Now all the archaeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs’ graves. But, you know, it would have to be something awfully big if you stop and think about it. And I don’t think it’d just disappear over the course of time to store that much grain… And when you look at the way that the pyramids are made, with many chambers that are hermetically sealed, they’d have to be that way for various reasons. And various of scientists have said, ‘well, you know there were alien beings that came down and they have special knowledge and that’s how-’ you know, it doesn’t require an alien being when God is with you.”

Carson’s pyramid as grain storage theory is confusing enough to most Americans, but it was especially confusing to scientists who have tirelessly built up an expertise on everything about ancient Egypt over centuries, which is why they are laughing the hardest at Carson’s stupidity.

Why? Because the ancient Egyptians knew how to write and they left records behind that tell us what the pyramids were built for, and it was NOT for grain storage.

The Ancient Pyramid Texts date back to 2400 BC and they make it clear that the pyramids were tombs that stood as monuments to pharaohs to help them get to the afterlife. Not only are there instructions to guide the pharaoh’s spirit to the gods inscribed on the pyramid walls, chambers were specifically built to house the pharaoh’s sarcophagus and various objects such as treasure thought to be useful to the pharaoh after death.

Carson’s belief is further hindered by the fact that there is not a whole lot of space to store grain inside the pyramids. As the following illustration shows, the pyramids were definitely not built for grain storage.

Image via Wikimedia

Image via Wikimedia

As you can see, there’s not a whole lot of room for grain and building. And it would be incredibly inefficient to to spend decades constructing such a building just to store a little bit of grain.

In reality, this is what ancient Egyptian granaries looked like.

And then there are reactions from archaeologists themselves. Tel Aviv University’s Dr. Deborah Sweeney told Israeli newspaper Haaretz when asked to comment on Carson’s idiocy.

“We can clearly see, from looking at the long sequence of these buildings, that pyramids were built as tombs for the king (and the smaller ones beside the larger ones as tombs for some especially favored queens or princesses),” Sweeney wrote, pointing out that many pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians.

“Pyramids were definitely used as tombs: burial equipment, such as sarcophagi, jewelry, mummies or mummy parts were found in some of them. (The others were robbed in antiquity, or in a few cases the burial chambers are below the water table.)” she continued.

“Pyramids are almost solid masonry: the amount of storage they offer, relative to their mass, is extremely small, which would make them a fairly poor choice for a large storage project, as would sloping corridors and (in the very latest pyramids) a series of concealed entrances to confuse potential tomb-robbers. Again, the forms of sealing used in pyramids, such as blocking corridors with a series of large stone blocks, might not necessarily be useful for storage, since stores also need to be accessible.”

Sweeney also describes what an actual ancient Egyptian granary looks like.

“These were normally dome-shaped buildings open at the top, which stood near houses and government buildings.”

American bioarchaeologist Kristina Killgrove also slammed Carson’s harebrained theory in Forbes.

In the end, does it really matter what Carson thinks about the Egyptian pyramids? There will always be science deniers, there will always be people swayed by pseudoarchaeology, and there will always be people who believe what they want no matter the facts. It does matter, though, because Carson is vying for the job of representing the United States. So it matters that Carson casually rejects hundreds of years’ worth of research because in denying science, he throws the U.S. back into the past. It matters that he brazenly denies the Egyptian people their rightful history because this marginalizes an entire culture and makes the U.S. look like an ignorant bully.

She then goes on to disclose that her colleagues are having a “collective sigh” over Carson’s remarks. And it should also be assumed they are laughing their asses off.

The fact is that Ben Carson is scientifically illiterate and this not only disqualifies him for the presidency, it calls into question his own reputation as a neurosurgeon.

All of the research and evidence collected by archaeologists around the world for centuries unequivocally gives credit to the Egyptians for building the pyramids, and that the pyramids were tombs, not grain silos. This is just another example of why Ben Carson should have his own brain looked at, preferably by a doctor who doesn’t deny science.

Featured Image: Raw Story