Disturbingly Racist ‘Finish What Katrina Started’ Taunt Rocks Univ. Of Alabama (IMAGE)

This summer marked a decade since Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the Gulf Coast. Hardest hit were parts of Mississippi and Louisiana, and New Orleans in particular. To this day, a great deal of the poorest residents and business owners — many of them black — have not been able to rebuild their communities or return to their homes. The level of devastation was largely due to the crumbling infrastructure, which meant levees were breached by the rising tides. Of course, then-President George W. Bush’s abysmal response to the crisis was to blame as well. 1,833 lives were lost, mainly those of people of color who could not afford to evacuate.

While most of the nation views this tragedy as a huge stain on America’s recent history, apparently football fans at the University of Alabama do not. Alabama is not a state known for its tolerance of people of color; in fact, it has quite the opposite reputation. The folks celebrating the University of Alabama’s football game against Louisiana State University certainly lived up to their racist image. A banner began circulating online, and was tweeted repeatedly bearing the slogan “Finish What Katrina Started.”

The university is in damage control mode right now. A response to the obvious racism was released via the university’s official twitter that read:

“UA is appalled that anyone would display a banner with such an inappropriate and offensive statement. It’s our understanding that the banner was hung at an off-campus apartment complex and it has been removed.”

While that is all fine and well, folks, maybe things like this should make you take a closer look at your culture. There is an obvious tolerance for racism around those parts, and you need to figure out if those football fans were students at your school, and make an example of them. Suspend them from fraternities, clubs, sports, and all activities. Hell, ban them from campus. Here is the full image, via a twitter account dubbed “Old Row Official,” which actually egged the racism on:

One of the stars of the Louisiana team, who lived on an overpass for days after the historically devastating storm before being rescued, tweeted what seemed to be an inspirational message for his team in the wake of this galling racism:

That’s right. Go get ’em, Louisiana. Hopefully, the school serves up some justice on this, but I wouldn’t count on it. You can, however, mop the field with them during Saturday’s game.

Featured image via screen capture from Raw Story