This Ad Proves Walmart Is Terrified Of The Fight For $15 Movement (VIDEO)

There’s been a lot of good news for Walmart employees over the past year. The company has decided to raise their starting wage to $9 dollars an hour, with an increase to $10 dollars an hour starting in July.  That increase is due to Wallmart finally realizing that they have a corporate responsibility to pay their employees a decent wage for their labor.

Just kidding; Walmart is still completely evil. The reason that they are raising wages for their employees is that they are absolutely terrified of the fight for $15 movement. They’re also terrified of the public, who is sick and tired of subsidizing their employees’ wages with their tax money. This is evident in their new propaganda campaign that would have both their employees and the public think that there isn’t any need for an increase in the minimum wage, or for a union.

Walmart even has a spiffy new video ad, which states that they are investing $1 billion dollars in their employees, “because a raise in pay raises us all,” the voice-over in the ad concludes while a light for aisle 15 turns on, in the Walmart where the commercial was filmed. Yeah, they seriously did that. Apparently, Walmart’s advertising team doesn’t understand that subliminal messaging isn’t supposed to be so obvious.

All across the nation, people are standing up for a living wage and union representation. They have succeeded in raising the minimum wage in large cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. By waging a relentless campaign for fairness in the workplace, they have forced Walmart to start an all-out campaign against their workers. That means throwing them a bone, with a slight increase in their wages and creating a massive re-branding campaign intended to make people forget that they are screwing over their employees.

You can watch the video below.

Featured Image Credit: screen capture via YouTube