Alabama Education Official: ‘Homosexualist’ Coloring Books Make Kids Do ‘Transgender Stuff’

An Alabama Board of Education member has officially gone over the edge of Stupid Mountain. According to Betty Peters, Common Core is doing more than present math in a manner that Jesus can’t understand: the set of standards is training kids to do all kinds of “transgender stuff” as part of a “homosexualist” takeover of the South’s education system.

While she was unable to offer any evidence that a.) what she is claiming is happening, is happening and b.) that it would be a problem, Peters recently condemned the gay agenda-driven plot to steal kids’ souls for Satan:

“I understand Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi are the three Southern states targeted by the radical, left, homosexualists to change our students’ perspective. We have gone past gay, lesbian and bisexual and we’re now into gender fluid spectrum.”

Peters says that public schools need to be teaching “Christian values” rather than any of those other sorts she hates. “As I said when I first campaigned and I’ve said it every time since, we need to get back to the basics: Reading, writing and arithmetic from first grade on,” she said. “We need to be teaching the ‘c’ part which is Christian values, not Muslim values, not transgender values. We need to be teaching the old Biblical values.”

Peters also warned that anti-hate group watchdog, the Southern Poverty Law Center, is distributing Satanic coloring books to teach “transgenderism” to children, the Huffington Post notes:

Peters also made a puzzling critique of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a national hate-group watchdog. According to Peters, the group is distributing coloring sheets featuring different clothing items and asking children to color in which clothes they want to wear in an attempt to “teach tolerance for transgenderism to four to eight year olds.”

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is going to be developing your children or grandchild or neighbors’ children into little social activists for social justice, as they define it, or else transgender stuff,” she said. “You will notice these are called outfits. I have never asked my son or my husband what ‘outfit’ they are going to wear. This is just crazy. I think all this stuff is mainly written by wacky feminists.”

Peters’ assertions that a coalition of wacky feminists and the SPLC are using Common Core to push “transgenderism” on unsuspecting, innocent children may seem insane, and it is, as many have noticed. “It read just like an article from The Onion, only it really happened,” Equality Alabama spokesman West Honeycutt wrote in an op-ed Friday.

It is nearly impossible to truly understand the depths of Peters’ insanity, one thing is for certain: she should not in any way be involved with making decisions regarding children’s education.

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