Christian Pastor SCHOOLS Red Cup Haters With True Meaning Of Christmas (IMAGE)

With the ridiculousness that’s been floating around surrounding the evils of Starbucks using a solid red color for┬átheir holiday cup, one Christian pastor seeks to put the entire controversy into some much-needed perspective.

Pastor Jim Rigby, the minister at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas, recently went onto Facebook and educated these red cup haters on the actual meaning of Christmas and how silly all this “outrage” has actually been.

He first posts this image of the red cup:

via Jim Rigby (Facebook)

via Jim Rigby (Facebook)

Then he beautifully states:


I was reading this morning about how the new Starbucks holiday cups are the first strike in this years’ war on Christmas.

May I say something as a Christian pastor? The message of Christmas is already lost on much of the church whether or not the season has “Merry Christmas” stamped on it. At this point, the birth of a poor child in the cold darkness is celebrated by lights, glaring music and by the biggest shopping season of the year. Nothing could silence the message of Christmas more than how it is already celebrated.

Let’s be clear, if the spirit of Christmas is under attack this year, it is by capitalism which has turned the holiday into a commodity like it does everything else; and by selfish Christians who refuse to obey Jesus’ command to be a good neighbor to those who walk different paths.

As we wander through the mockeries of this holiday season, this Christian is lifting a holiday cup to honor my atheist, Jewish, Muslim, pagan as well as Christian neighbors who share the same hope of “peace on earth and goodwill to all.””

There is no war on Christmas. Unless someone is personally coming into your home or church and preventing you from worshiping in the way you want to, then you really need to cool your jets and focus on the bigger picture.

This pastor is correct. If anything has destroyed the true meaning of Christmas, it’s the commercialization of a spiritual holiday for capitalism and profit.

Tis the season to spread love and cheer, not hate and condemnation. Enjoy your latte and calm down.

Featured image: Buzzfeed