‘Christmas Cup’ Lunatic Doubles Down: Starbucks Bitter Taste is ‘A Touch of Abortion’ (VIDEO)

The lunatic behind the “outrage” over Starbucks and their plain red cups for the holiday season is doubling down on his particular brand of crazy. Joshua Feuerstein, self-proclaimed Christian minister and certifiably insane person released yet another video about Starbucks and their role as anti-Christian crusaders.

In this one, Feuerstein has decided that Starbucks’ unique bitter flavor and high prices are a direct result of their link to Planned Parenthood. Yes, you heard that correctly, he actually says that the bitter flavor is the “taste of abortion,” and that the high prices are necessary to fund the “murder of innocent babies.”

It’s unclear just how much of the proceeds of each cup this imbecile thinks goes to Planned Parenthood, but his assertion that Starbucks is funding the (debunked) “we sell baby body parts for profit” industry shows just how dense he is. He even goes into how much you can be fined for destroying a bald eagle’s egg and why Starbucks is so evil:

“Starbucks stands against pretty much everything that Jesus stood for…Thyen again, Christians today aren’t worried about pleasing Jesus.”

Is this guy serious? He waves guns around and calls for armed insurrection of the government because he refuses to understand that the president isn’t a Muslim. Even if he was, would Jesus call for an armed revolution because of someone’s religion? For Joshua Feuerstein to have anything to say about what “real Christians” should or should not do is a bit of hypocrisy as large as his own ego.

Feuerstein’s little “controversy has been fun to watch unfold. It seems everyone on the right has a strong opinion, from Donald Trump to Bristol Palin, while everyone on the left seems more eager to engage in the ever-popular “Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts” debate. For some of us, it’s not the color of the cup but what goes in it that counts; we don’t exactly consider the holidays to be related to coffee at all.

Watch insufferable douche Josh Feuerstein go batsh*t crazy over Starbucks and abortion below:


Featured image via screen capture