The WiFi Password At The GOP Debate Proves They’re TERRIFIED Of Hillary (IMAGE)

If there was one united message declared at the latest GOP presidential debate that was held on Fox News Business, because they’re terrified of being asked real questions, it’s that all the candidates are adamant about defeating Hillary Clinton.

Sure, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley are both formidable candidates that are just as capable of leading the Democrats to victory, but the GOP only has eyes for Hillary. In fact, they seem downright terrified of her.

Proof of this can be found not only on the debate stage as every candidate attacked her in one way or another, but also in the crowd watching and especially in the media section covering the debate.

Rick Tyler, spokesperson for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, tweeted out an image of the media WiFi network as well as the password.

That’s right, you’re reading that correctly, it says the network is “RNCdebate” and the password is “StopHillary.”

Sure, the password could’ve been ‘elephant’ like the GOP logo, or ‘CheeseHead’ because they’re in Wisconsin, or ‘VladPutin.’ But no, they instead chose to dedicate¬†the universal password that went for all WiFi access in the whole place to none other than Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is likely more than flattered, because nothing shows fear like¬†pointing out the fact that you want to stop one single person more than anything else. They know she’s a force to be reckoned with. I wonder if Rick Tyler realized that by tweeting this image out he wasn’t helping his candidate much, but rather highlighting the fact that the Republican party is scared to death of Hillary Clinton. Oopsidaisy.

It will definitely be interesting to see who the Republican candidate will be who will win the nomination. Right now the clown care is still bursting at the seams, so it’s still to early to tell. But one thing is for certain, they definitely are are ALL horrified of Hillary Clinton.

Featured image: Flickr/GOP debate screencap