Ex-CIA Director: Bush Ignored Several 9/11 Attack Warnings To Avoid ‘Paper Trail’

It’s even worse than anybody has previously thought. For the first time, we now know in painstaking detail what was going on in the White House in the months leading up to 9/11.

In 2004, it became public knowledge that President George W. Bush received a “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” memo in his Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6, 2001. That was only one month before the attacks. Now, ex-CIA Director George Tenet is revealing that the CIA began warning the White House much sooner, and far more urgently than what has been previously reported. Every single time he and the CIA pressed the alarm button, he was given the cold shoulder by Bush and his team.

It began in May of 2001 when Tenet and then chief of CIA’s counterterrorism center, Cofer Black, pitched a plan called “the Blue Sky paper” to Bush’s national security team. They wanted to attack Al Qaeda pre-eminently to foil their plan because they received warnings that a significant attack on American soil was about to happen. Here’s what they were told afterward:

“We’re not quite ready to consider this. We don’t want the clock to start ticking.”

For those that are unfamiliar with CIA-speak, this means they didn’t want a paper trail to begin yet to show that they’ve been warned. Politico, the publication that discussed this issue directly with ex-CIA Director George Tenet in an exclusive interview, signs off on this revelation as being credible. For more on this, visit HERE.

Black thinks that Bush’s team wasn’t prepared for the new threat:

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“I think they were mentally stuck back eight years [before]. They were used to terrorists being Euro-lefties—they drink champagne by night, blow things up during the day, how bad can this be? And it was a very difficult sell to communicate the urgency to this.”

The warnings only got more urgent from there. On July 10, the head of the CIA’s Al Qaeda unit, Richard Blee, burst into Black’s office thinking he had all the information he needed to confirm the attacks:

‘Chief, this is it. Roof’s fallen in.’

Black took the information to inform Tenet, and Tenet immediately picked up the phone to get Bush’s National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice on the line, saying, as he remembers:

“I said, ‘Condi, I have to come see you.’ It was one of the rare times in my seven years as director where I said, ‘I have to come see you. We’re comin’ right now. We have to get there.’”

After getting to the White House, though, and warning Condoleeza Rice that a wartime footing needed to be established right away, she only replied, according to Tenet:

‘What do you think we need to do?’

The sad thing is, nothing happened after that meeting. Mr. Black still shakes his head to this very day in disbelief:

“To me it remains incomprehensible still. I mean, how is it that you could warn senior people so many times and nothing actually happened? It’s kind of like The Twilight Zone.”

Oddly, the meeting was never mentioned in the 9/11 Commission’s final report, even though Tenet disclosed the meeting behind the scenes with committee members.

Later on that that month at the end of July, they also had another meeting while sitting around scratching their heads trying to figure out just how exactly the attacks were going to happen. According to Tenet:

“We were just thinking about all of this and trying to figure out how this attack might occur. And I’ll never forget this until the day I die. Rich Blee looked at everybody and said, ‘They’re coming here.’ And the silence that followed was deafening. You could feel the oxygen come out of the room. ‘They’re coming here.”

Here’s what the information tells us: George Bush failed to act before the attacks, pure and simple. There’s really no way around this conclusion. This new information only further strengthens that assertion given the fact that the extent, timeline, and quality of the warnings were much greater than previous public reports have revealed up to this point.

When Jeb says that his brother “kept us safe,” that’s not only not true, it’s an outright lie. Bush and his team didn’t know how to prevent the attacks, even though he knew it was coming.

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