Muslim Man Nails What So Many Get Wrong By Conflating All Muslims With Terrorists (VIDEO)

In the aftermath of the horrific acts of terror in Paris, it is understandable if angry and scared people both in France and abroad oversimplify the targets of their blame. Americans, in the wake of 9/11, know the unsettling way ignorance and fear can lead to prejudice against an entire group of people all too well. To avoid a similar fate happening this time, one Moroccan Muslim quickly released a video that should put this tired debate to rest.

It couldn’t come soon enough. Even before the attacks were over, and while nobody knew a single thing about what the motivations were, American conservatives had already kicked their hate engine into high gear. Before the night was over, the right-wing media had declared that all Muslims were responsible for the atrocities in Paris.

Republican politicians, sensing blood in the water, went further. Sen. Ted Cruz decided it was time we reconsidered avoiding innocent civilians when bombing Muslim targets. Trump’s plan was even more offesnive: “Bomb the shit” out of the Middle East, then steal their oil.

Once again, Muslims who had nothing to do with terrorism were being asked to disavow the murder of innocent people at the hands of radical extremists. One such Muslim man named Wafi Abdouss took to YouTube to express both his sadness at the murders and to set the record straight about who is really responsible.


Abdouss, who lives in Morocco, explained:

“What happened was a crime, it was a horrible terrible crime. These people should be caught and should be brought into justice, and as a Muslim, as a Morrocan, as an Arab, I just want to say that it is really sad and that I want to extend my deepest condolences to everybody.

“I hope that you don’t think that all the Muslims are like this, that all the Arabs are like this. Because they’re just a very small minority, a really, really small minority, and not even a minority, just a couple of crazy people.”

He’s not really exaggerating. The total number of Muslims in the world is estimated to be around 1.5 billion. The number of ISIS fighters? Around 31,000 – and almost all concentrated in Iraq and Syria. Do other, more moderate Muslims support ISIS? Despite claims by right-leaning news organizations like Fox News which say tens of millions of Muslims sympathize with the terror organization, the facts don’t support the idea. According to a closer look done by Georgetown University, the “millions of supporters” number evaporates under scrutiny.

It’s important to remember: The majority of ISIS’s victims are other Muslims. The refugee crisis in Europe is, in part, created by the terror that ISIS has brought to the region. They are not loved. They are reviled.

Abdouss has tapped into what many Muslims (and many others) have been saying for years. Terrorism isn’t exclusive to one particular religion or one group of people. There are complex factors that lead to things like the horrific atrocities we saw in Paris. It’s both absurd and offensive to expect all Muslims to apologize for the actions of a few. Let people like Abdouss be the face of Islam, not a violent cult of radical extremists.

Featured image: screen capture