Ben Carson Fumbles BIG TIME, Admits Hillary Has The Experience To Be POTUS (VIDEO)

Ben Carson spoke with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday and gave the best response ever (for Democrats that is, not so much for Republicans) when he was asked why voters should pick him over someone who actually has experience in foreign policy and national security.

Instead of answering the question outright, he immediately said:

“Oh, you mean someone like Hillary Clinton, perhaps?”

YES. That’s exactly what he means! You can just visualize it now, Carson’s campaign manager watching in the background, crushing his styrofoam coffee cup in his bare hands as Carson indirectly acknowledged how much more experienced Clinton is than he is. But, that’s not all. Dr. Carson also made it seem like he was qualified to be POTUS because he’s “talked to people like Henry Kissinger.” Really? And, watching YouTube videos about quantum physics means you’re ready to be a physicist, too.

Here was the exchange:

WALLACE: We’re talking about life and death. We’re talking about keeping Americans safe from people who would slaughter us like they did in Paris. I guess the question is, why should voters choose you over someone who actually has experience in foreign policy, experience in national security?

CARSON: Oh, are you talking about someone like Hillary Clinton, perhaps? I would say the reason is because you can articulate intelligent options and because you know how to work with other people and utilize the incredible resources that we have available to us.

You know, I’ve had an opportunity in recent weeks to talk to a lot of incredible people, alot of experience, I’ve talked to Henry Kissinger and talked about his whole perspective in that area. You have to be willing to recognize that you are not the end all, but you are the conduit for the conduct of American policies.

It’s a good thing Ben Carson is talking to experienced people. That’s one aspect of it. A president needs to be surrounded by people giving him good advice. That, however, shouldn’t be the entirety of his answer, which it was. Most jobs are learn as you go, and this isn’t one of them.

The fact that Hillary Clinton was the first name that came to Dr. Carson’s mind, though, is telling in itself. He could have come up with any other name, but he didn’t. This Freudian slip is sure to come back to haunt him if he ever debates Hillary in the general election. Something tells us, it already is.

Featured image via screen capture.