Ben Carson Can’t Name Even One Ally Of The United States – Asked Many Times (VIDEO)

Ben Carson sat down with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday and discussed a broad range of issues relating to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. While it’s fair to say everyone knows Dr. Carson’s expertise isn’t exactly in the foreign policy realm, there are a few things potential presidential candidates are expected to know. What allies the United States has is one of them.

When Carson was asked to name one ally he would call to start an international coalition against ISIS he couldn’t even name one of them, and he was pressed for an answer several times.

This just earned him the new tagline “Carson-in-Chief.” A Carson-in-Chief is different than a Commander-in-Chief. You see, one doesn’t know anything about leading a country or the armed forces, and the other, well, does. One example of a Commander-in-Chief is Barack Obama. Carson should look him up and study what makes him so successful. First, though, he should google “allies of the United States.”

Here is a transcript of part of their interview:

WALLACE: If I may sir, if I may, let me focus on the military component because obviously after the slaughter of over a hundred people….You have said that you would as president would try and create an International coalition, militarily to go after ISIS, How would you put that together? Who would you call first?

CARSON: Well, what I was just explaining, how we would use the resources that we have that includes some of our special ops people working in conjunction with an effective fighting force there. Those are the kinds of things that will create enthusiasm as we begin to take back the land, take back the areas, and, and damage their image throughout the world.

WALLACE: But who would you call first, specifically to put together an International military coalition?

CARSON: My point being, if we get out there and really lead and it appears that we’re making progress then all of the Arab states and even the non Arab states, who I think are beginning to recognize that the, the, the jihad movement is global…..but if we fight it there, they will have to pool their resources in that area and then we won’t have to necessarily won’t have to fight them here. That’s all I’m saying.

WALLACE: But, can you tell us who you would call first, sir? On the International front.

CARSON: I would call on all of the Arab states….

It’s possible Carson just didn’t want to answer the question. But, that’s a hard proposition to make. Given all the mess ups Carson has had in the media recently, including his infamous “China is in Syria” line, maybe he really doesn’t know. This isn’t just a slight on Carson but on the Republican party as a whole. The fact that he’s currently neck and neck with Donald Trump at the top of the polls tells you everything you need to know about how intelligent Republican voters are.

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