Dobson: If We Don’t Allow Discrimination, ‘Entire Football Teams’ Will Watch Girls Use Toilets (AUDIO)

James Dobson is your typical right-wing nut. He literally makes his living by spreading hate and fear — particularly against LGBT people. On Monday, Dobson’s radio show was all about how awful it will be for girls and women if we don’t allow discrimination against transgender people. Of course, it was all about the use of public bathrooms and locker rooms, the transphobe’s modus operandi for blocking non-discrimination bills and ordinances. Dobson said:

“It just takes my breath away. I just read an example of a case where a girl was in the bathroom and the whole football team came in and took pictures, you know, selfies, if you will, over the top of her in the bathroom. I mean, have we gone absolutely nuts?”

Dobson offered up no references or proof of this alleged case, but it didn’t stop his guest, Capitol Resource Institute’s Tim LeFever, from making sure he agreed. Lefever said such things will happen “more and more” if we allow laws that make sure transgender people are not prevented from using the correct facilities.

What really gets me about these two goons is this: They likely encounter transgender people daily and don’t even know it. That’s the mark of a bigot though: hateful, ignorant and completely unaware of what the world is actually like. Dobson and LeFever probably heard of the “case” they referenced on some rabidly anti-LGBT right-wing blog, and decided to take it and spread it as truth. Because, you know, people who spread hate and fear against those they dislike and don’t understand would never make up lies to scare people into rallying behind their cause, now would they?

These two hateful buffoons and those like them are nothing short of a complete and utter disgrace to decent human beings everywhere.

Listen to the audio below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Featured image via WND