Right-Wing Extremist/Presidential Candidate Huckabee Compares Refugees to Spoiled Milk (VIDEO)

Right-wing extremist and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee compared Syrian refugees to tainted Chipotle meat and spoiled milk on The Blaze talk show on Tuesday.

The religious fanatic was ranting to show host Dana Loesch about President Obama’s response to the crisis before shifting to a weird analogy about food poisoning.

“When Chipotle had an outbreak of E. coli just recently, what did they do? They closed all the Chipotle restaurants,” Huckabee said. “I mean, how many gallons of tainted milk do we tolerate before we say, ‘take it off the shelves?’”

He didn’t stop there, though.

“If we take millions of gallons of tainted milk because a few people get sick, does it make any sense that we would say, ‘well we’re going to bring in tens of thousands of people, we have no idea who they are,’” he said. “We don’t know if they’re ISIS members who are sneaking in with the real refugees.”

The Islamophobic and xenophobic rhetoric comes following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday evening, which lead 129 people. The attackers however, were not refugees, but European nationals.

While refugees have seemed to take the brunt of the misplaced blame, the only ones who actually benefit from the Islamophobia being spouted by the pundits, social media commentators, and now this presidential candidate are the terrorists themselves.

Callous and vile statements like these give extremists a powerful tool to go on and point to the insensitivity of a West which hates Muslims, and use it for recruitment.

Meanwhile, Huckabee masquerades as a champion of “religious freedom,” but only for people who share his faith and paranoid fears.

On Tuesday, UN Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres warned against blaming those fleeing war and poverty for terrorist attacks carried out by extremists. He stated:

“It was not the refugee movement that created terrorism; it is terrorism together with tyranny, together with war, that created refugee movements.”

He acknowledged that while there are groups trying to infiltrate with migrants, the same can be said for the general population of European society. Guterres said:

“It is essential to have more legal forms for refugees to come to Europe in order to have proper screening, proper identification, security checks, which are much more easy to do if things are done legally.”

He concluded:

“Let’s be very clear, we cannot blame the refugees. Refugees are the first victims of terror.”

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