Jeb Bush Gets OWNED By Reporter When Asked To Prove How Refugees Are Christian (VIDEO)

Several GOP presidential candidates have gone on the record over the last several days stating that the U.S. should only accept Syrian refugees “who are Christian.” Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, two of the most vocal about it, somehow believe that Christians “pose less of a threat.” Without getting into the merits of this (pretty absurd given that 1.6 billion Muslims live on the planet peacefully), it’s a good question to ask if it’s even possible to screen refugees this way. Not because we should, or that it’s even legal, but just to keep candidates accountable for the idiotic ideas that they have. At the very least, it’s interesting to see them try to explain away their positions.

First, here’s what Jeb Bush had to say last week after the Paris terror attacks:

“I do think there is a special important need to make sure that Christians from Syria are being protected because they are being slaughtered in the country and but for us who? Who would take care of the number of Christians that right now are completely displaced?”

One ABC News reporter decided to take Mr. Bush to task on this during a stop in South Carolina. Let’s just say, his answer didn’t work out so well. Jeb tripped all over himself trying to justify Christian-only immigration tests.

Jeb: I mean you can prove you’re a Christian.

Reporter: How?

Jeb: I think you can prove it. If you can’t prove it, you are on the side of caution.

You don’t say? The reality is, Jeb couldn’t answer it. He didn’t know how.

At this point in the short interview, Jeb interrupted the reporter a few times without giving any concrete, detailed responses other than to say “they should be thoroughly vetted.” Well, here’s a response to that: Obama has already addressed this issue, and is doing everything in the government’s power to screen for potential terrorists while also at the same time adhering to America’s basic fundamental values.

The truth is, it’s going to take 18 to 24 months to clear a refugee for entry, and each one will be extensively vetted by the U.S. intelligence community, as well as other agencies to boot. While it is true that refugees don’t have backgrounds in the same way that U.S. citizens do, to say the process isn’t “thorough” is just a lie.

The United States is not going to NOT accept refugees simply because Republicans don’t like Muslims. PERIOD. What if the U.S. turned away refugees during WWII when Nazi Germany took over? If the majority at the time had their way, the U.S. would have never accepted people like Albert Einstein into the country, who mind you, is widely credited with the creation of the atomic bomb that ended the war. Does anyone want to even imagine what the world would look like today without his accomplishments? Didn’t think so.

Featured image via screen capture