President ‘Zero F*cks Left’ Obama Openly Ridicules Trump: Running Against Him Would Be ‘Fun’

President Obama’s final term in office has really allowed him to let loose. He is clearly unconcerned about what people on the right think of him; after all, they’ve never liked him, and they never will — too much melanin and all that. This attitude was very much on display in a recent interview with GQ.

The president opened up about all kinds of things, from his struggle with cigarettes (he hasn’t smoked one in five years– congrats, Prez!), to his feelings on the current crop of candidates in the GOP 2016 Clown Car. When asked if he would “even bother” to put any effort into campaigning against the clown who currently at the front of the pack, Donald Trump, the president took open aim at the GOP frontrunner, saying that running against him would be fun. The interviewer then asked which Game of Thrones character Trump represents, and President Obama’s ridicule was even more blatant as he said:

“Uh… I don’t think… I don’t think any of them rise to that level.”

Of course, Trump has taken aim at President Obama on many occasions, including when he said that “I think we have a president who just doesn’t know what he’s doing,” when it comes to the Syria situation.

Personally, I love this open, funny version of our president. He’s like Teflon at this point, and with good reason. The GOP’s racism and obstruction has dogged his White House tenure from the moment he took office, and it will only continue. The thing is, though, despite all that, he has still managed to accomplish a hell of a lot. Further, what really burns these right-wing bigots and loons up is this: Barack Obama has been an amazing president. The fact that he is in the White House at all is historical, but that won’t be what his legacy is based upon. It will be based upon freedom, liberty, and justice for all — which is something no one in the GOP presidential field gives a damn about unless the people accessing that freedom, liberty, and justice are white, male, straight, and fundamentalist Christian.

The best part of all of this is that history will remember Barack Obama fondly. Donald Trump and the rest? Not so much.

Featured image via Pete Souza/White House Flickr