Watch: Ignorant Islamophobic Bigots Scream Insults At Muslims During Virginia Town Hall (VIDEO)

After more than 30 years in the same location in Spotslyvania, Virginia, the local Muslim community has outgrown their current building. At a town hall on November 17, business owner and civil engineer Samer Shalaby was presenting plans for a new mosque, which would provide a more comfortable location for the growing Muslim community.

As Shalaby was speaking, he was suddenly bombarded with a slew of hateful, racist comments from a crowd of bigots who were in attendance.

A Muslim woman and long-time member of the Spotsylvania community captured the disturbing scene on video.

“This is evil!” one man can be heard shouting on the video.

His outburst was quickly followed by that of another man, who launched into an ignorant, racist tirade, shouting that “all Muslims are terrorists.”

He goes on, yelling,

“Every one of you are terrorists, I don’t care what you say. Every Muslim is a terrorist.”

Some in the audience can be heard applauding, in response to the ignorant, bigoted shouting.

When Shalaby attempts to respond to the Islamaphobic hysteria, the racist bully screams over him, saying,

 “Shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear your mouth. I will do everything that I can do to keep you from doing what you’re doing. It will happen. That will happen.”

Watch the video, courtesy of WUSA.

According to WUSA, other members of the audience accused the Muslim community of wanting to build a mosque to shelter Syrian refugees.

During an interview with WUSA, Shalaby described the viciousness of the right-wing “Christian” community that turned out to terrorize their Muslims neighbors of 30 years, saying, “It just kept getting worse and worse. People were pointing fingers and waving arms.” He described the scene as being “almost like a mob-type thing.”

After it became apparent that the racist mob was not capable of intelligent discourse or civil discussion, the local police were forced to shut the meeting down.

The woman who captured the scene on video, Munira Salim Abdalla, was visibly disturbed as she spoke to WUSA, following the meeting.

“It is so sad that people are so ignorant,” she said. “I understand the fear. All of us have fear, including the Muslims, because the people who did what they did are not Muslims.”

Abdalla said “why did your grandparents come here? For religious persecution, and that’s exactly what you’re doing to us.”

To claim that all Muslims are terrorists is the same as claiming that all Christians are ignorant, hateful bigots like the people who are seen in the video above.

What if we blamed all Christians every time someone claiming to be a Christian committed a violent crime? If we studied the religious background of criminals in the United States, we’d certainly find that self-professed Christians are responsible for the majority of it. That would be because the population of the United States is 83 percent Christian. Does that mean that all Christians are violent criminals? If you’re extremely stupid, you might use your one brain cell to deduce that it does.

In the same way, you might conclude that all of the more than 1.6 billion Muslims on earth are terrorists, but somehow you’re not dead yet, even though you’re a hate-spewing, ignorant bigot.

What dumber than dumb Americans fail to understand is that if all of the 1.6 billion Muslims on earth were terrorists there would be no need for ISIS. One of the group’s main goals is to force other Muslims to submit to their insane doctrine of church, state and military.

It’s sort of like what would happen if right-wing Christian extremists were to appoint themselves as the true leaders of all Christians worldwide, then use military weapons and tactics to try to force all Christians on the planet to submit to their doctrine of hate, fear and violence.

The fact that Muslim leaders across the globe have rejected ISIS’s self-proclaimed “leadership” status over them, and endured terrorist attacks almost continuously because of it, doesn’t penetrate the extremely thick-skulled Fox News fan club though. But how could facts ever penetrate the Fox News fan club, when viewers are never exposed to them by their favorite 24 hour Nazi propaganda program news network?

The racist morons in Hicksville Spotsylvania, Virginia are terrified that the Muslim members of their community might build a mosque there. They not only believe that their neighbors of 30 years are terrorists, they’re also super worried that a mosque could be used to harbor Syrian refugees, as if any other kind of building could not possibly be used for that purpose.

Meanwhile, France prepares to welcome 30,000 Syrian immigrants.

It’s just shameful and embarrassing.

Here’s more from WUSA.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture WUSA