When Republicans Say Obama Isn’t Fighting ISIS, Show Them This (VIDEO/IMAGES)

To hear Republicans tell it, you would think President Obama is twiddling his thumbs while ISIS threatens the Middle East. Writing in Politico, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio pushed this false message:

While he dithers, ISIL is diligently forcing its way across the borders of the Middle East—expanding beyond Syria and Iraq, now into Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and even nuclear-capable Pakistan. It is threatening to advance into Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and in recent weeks has launched attacks into the Sinai, Beirut and, as we saw on Friday, into the heart of Europe.

Rubio is joined in his complaint by other leading Republicans like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and John McCain. These men have all accused President Obama of being asleep at the wheel in the fight against terrorists, and have increased their complaints after the terrorist attack in Paris.

In reality, the American military has been bombarding ISIS since August of 2014 in a military operation dubbed Operation Inherent Resolve.

According to the Department of Defense, since the launch of Inherent Resolve, the coalition led by American fighter pilots has made 8,125 air strikes against ISIS targets – 5,321 in Iraq and 2,804 in Syria. While the bulk of the bombing has been done by America, partners that have contributed forces include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Jordan, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

As of October 31, we have made those airstrikes to the tune of $5 billion, with an average daily cost of $11 million.

While Republicans and conservatives continue to ignore the work of American airmen in fighting ISIS, they continue to fire away at these murderous groups. Here is a video compilation of U.S. air strikes against ISIS over the course of Inherent Resolve:

The coalition has even broken down just what kind of assets of ISIS have been destroyed in the ongoing bombing campaign:


So when they say nothing is being done it is flat-out false, and even worse its an insult to the fighter pilots and the vast network of military support staff backing up their mission.

Featured image via Defense.gov