Stephen Colbert Is P*SSED OFF At The Hate Aimed At Refugees, And He’s Not Afraid To Show It (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert isn’t typically one to get angry on his show. He has the ability to add a light-hearted touch to just about any issue. When the House decided to be cowards, however, passing a bill that would refuse Syrian refugees safe haven in the United States, Colbert had clearly had enough.

Combine that extreme act of cowardice with the yellow currently being worn by every single Republican presidential candidate and no less than 24 GOP Governors, and what you get is a Colbert rant so fine you won’t be able to help but laugh as the anger builds.

Syrian refugees are fleeing from ISIS by the millions. They’ve lost their homes. Many have lost hope. The United States has considered taking on as many as 10,000, which is but a drop in the bucket. Now, Congressional Republicans who will bilk their base for as much fear as they can muster have been joined by 47 Democrats who have shamefully put aside what the party and America stand for in favor of easier campaigns next year where they won’t have to address why they are “soft” on national security.

The entire situation is disgusting, and liberals across the country are speaking out. Stephen Colbert is often a spokesperson for truth and the real America in his new role as himself on the Late Show. He’s not beating around the bush or tossing softballs at Democrats. He’s leaning hard on the issues that matter.

The Syrian refugee issue matters. Our country was founded by immigrants and refugees. Granting asylum to the oppressed people of the world is one of the things that makes us who we are as a nation. We’re a glorious melting pot that grows more diverse with each passing decade. In 100 years there will be no white, black, Arab, Hispanic or Asian; we’ll all be a beautiful shade of tan.

That’s what America is all about. Good for Colbert for getting pissed off. We should all be pissed off.

Watch Stephen Colbert get pissed off over the ignorance of the right on the Syrian refugee issue below:

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