Texas Governor Orders Private Charities To Refuse Help To Homeless Syrian Refugees (VIDEO)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to the Heath and Human Services Commission and the Texas Department of Public Safety directing them to inform all local volunteer agencies and organizations not to provide any aid to Syrian refugees in need of help. The letter could affect programs at organizations like Interfaith Ministries, Catholic Charities, and YMCA International Services, along with many others.  Wait – whatever happened to that “stay out of my business big government attitude?” Looks like that’s only the case when it’s politically convenient to do so.

In addition to being just plain wrong and evil, it might also be illegal, as well. While the Texas Governor maintains that his state will not take in any more refugees, there are still more than 210 that have been living there for the last 14 months. Even though there have been absolutely no links to terror attacks from these refugees, he wants to cut off private sources of help. It’s absurd.

Abbott is doing everything in his power on this. The only way he will foreseeably get away with it, is because the state doesn’t have to accept federal funding for the organizations that choose not to go along with his scheme. That’s the kicker. Even though they are private, they do live off of grants, too. According to immigration attorney Gordon Quan, it puts nonprofits trying to help in a bind:

“It puts them in a situation that I think is very uncomfortable. This is basically saying, ‘Don’t do resettlement. If you do resettlement of these Syrian refugees, you may be endangering the whole program that you have.’”

Governor Abbott announced earlier in the week that he would not accept any more Syrian refugees, but the truth is, he doesn’t have any authority on this, only the federal government does. Any refugee accepted into the U.S. is able to freely move around as they please within the entire continental United States. That’s the law of the land and Abbott knows this. That’s why he’s doing this. He’s hoping that by cutting off aid sources, private ones at that, Syrian refugees will choose to go to other states instead. How sick is that? Instead of being able to prove that an entire group of people is unsafe (even as he maintains this), he would rather they be homeless and out in the street starving.

Featured image via screen capture.