Marco Rubio Admits He’s Pretty Damn Pleased The Paris Attacks Happened (VIDEO)

Ever since the horrific attacks in Paris, France, many around the world have come together in solidarity. Many want to seek an end to extremist behavior, all the while not marginalizing an entire religion. Even France has said they will continue to take in Syrian refugees.

However, there is a small faction of Americans who just so happen to control a majority in Congress, that don’t want Syrian refugees anywhere near the United States of America — Republicans. Many Republican presidential candidates have also climbed on board this hate train regarding refugees, and are using the attacks in Paris to justify their behavior. They are using the fact that the extremists claim to be Muslim paired with the fact that most of the refugees are Muslim, to refuse them entry into the U.S.

One presidential candidate even went so far as to say that the Paris attacks were a “positive development.”

When Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio was asked by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday if he thinks his “foreign policy credentials” are giving him “a boost with voters” after the terror attacks, Rubio responded:

“I obviously am not happy about the events that happened last week in Paris, but I think it’s a positive development that it suddenly has forced Americans to confront more carefully the issue of national security, because it is the most important thing a president will do, and it’s the most important function of the federal government.”

He literally just said, “I’m not happy, BUT…” So, in other words, yes, he is quite pleased that an event took place that will boost his polls numbers as he’s able to display what a xenophobic war hawk he is.

Did he misspeak? Maybe, but his behavior in the media seems to prove otherwise. This crop of Republican candidates for Commander-in-Chief have been nothing but hostile as they go after President Obama for trying to be diplomatic and blaming him for things that he has no control over. Rubio seems to be salivating as he smirks while discussing the fact that a terror attack has pushed ambitions towards more war to the forefront of discussion.

It’s disgusting is what it is, and he needs to be called out on it.

Video/Featured image: YouTube