SNL Brilliantly Shows How To Shut Down Your Bigoted Conservative Family On Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

With Genocide Appreciation Day Thanksgiving approaching, there are a few things for certain: For some reason, we still memorialize a day that celebrates the mass extermination of an indigenous people, it’s likely that somebody is going to overcook or undercook a food you love, and someone at the dinner table is going to say something awful about black people, Muslims, “the gays,” or another group — after all, who doesn’t have a crazy uncle who wants Trump to become President so that we can get brown people out of the country? Well, Saturday Night Live has the perfect solution to the problem presented by your racist grandpa ruining dinner telling everyone that back in his day, they dealt with “uppity blacks” with dogs and fire hoses, and that solved the problem right quick.

In “A Thanksgiving Miracle,” the SNL cast parodies your quickly-approaching future nightmare. A couple is attempting to have a nice dinner with the family when someone at the dinner table says “I’m thankful our governor is keeping those refugees out.” Another woman adds that she “saw an ISIS  today in the A&P, when I was picking up the yams,” with her niece responding,  “No you didn’t, Aunt Cathy. That was an Asian woman.” Aunt Cathy then asks the only black man at the table why his “friends keep antagonizing the police.”

With anarchy coming quickly, a heroic little girl stands up, walks to a boombox, and does the one thing that anyone could do to unify such a diversely-bigoted group of people: plays Adele’s “Hello.”

Like magic, the hate disappears as everyone becomes lost in the music. This trick works each and every time someone says something terrible about transgender individuals, or pledges to vote for Ben Carson, or generally says something awful.

It might be a long shot — but let us know if it works for your family as you all feast on Thanksgiving. Watch the clip, below:

Featured Image via screen capture