Trump Supporter: It’s OK To Attack Black People Because ‘I’d Get Beat Up’ In Black Churches (VIDEO)

One brave Trump supporter has spoken about in defense of senseless violence against black people. Robert Kiger, the founder of a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump, says he, like the rest of us, was not the least bit surprised when a group of Trump supporters surrounded an African-American man at an event in Birmingham Alabama, punching and kicking him — though probably for entirely different reasons.

Trump’s support among racists is no secret. The billionaire, who keeps a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches at his bedside, attracts white supremacists in droves. Supporters are even comfortable screaming “white power” at his events, and Trump’s campaign is comfortable defending them by explaining they are “very receptive to” his message of “making America great again.”

So, no, it is not at all surprising that a black man was attacked at a Trump event when he simply declared that “black lives matter” — an act of protest that Trump called “disgusting” as he declared that “maybe he should have been roughed up.” To prove this, Trump tweeted neo-Nazi propaganda that included wholly-inaccurate, racist, fabricated statistics from a made-up crime research firm.


Kiger agrees with Trump that the black protester had it coming because a political event featuring a man who regularly demonizes black people was not the proper venue to express the gang-attack victim’s concerns with the general attitude toward African-Americans today. In an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello, Kiger explained:

“From my perspective, I’m sick and tire of the Black Lives Matter thing. I think it’s a farce. I think they’re there to just disrupt. Look, if they really care about black lives, they need to pick up a banner and go to the South Side of Chicago, where black lives are being slaughtered on a daily basis. If they really care about the African-American community, get up there and do something about it.”

“So they don’t have the right to protest at a Trump rally?” Costello asked.

“No, they don’t, really,” Kiger told her, adding that he “wouldn’t go into a black church and start screaming white lives matter.” Kiger explained that he knows he’d “get beat up” if he disrupted a service by screaming “white lives matter,” adding that he would be  “at least roughed up” by the congregation.

“These guys don’t really have a cause,” Kiger said of Black Lives Matter protesters. “I don’t think they really care. If they did, they would go to Baltimore or they’d Chicago.” Apparently, he missed the protests that erupted in Baltimore following the murder of Freddie Gray at the hands of police — or, of course, he ignored them because inconvenient facts that don’t fit the narrative are not worth mentioning to conservatives.

“Being in Birmingham, Alabama, going in and disrupting that thing, that’s no place for Black Lives Matter to try to bring their issues to the forefront,” Kiger explained — an accurate statement given Birmingham’s history of “we don’t like your kind ’round here” being the common form of greeting as far as African-Americans are concerned. Of course, the city’s history of racism and violence makes a Trump rally in a historical KKK stronghold almost the perfect place to express dissatisfaction with the treatment of black people in this country.

Trump, nor his supporters, even pretend anymore — and despite this, he remains at the top of the Republican polls. Think about that as you watch this travesty for yourself:


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