Chicago Cop Who Shot Black Teen Sixteen Times Charged With First-Degree Murder (VIDEO)

According to those who have seen it, dashcam video captured on the night of October 20, 2014, shows Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke executing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Until last week, police were able to keep that video out of the public eye. But then a Cook County judge ordered the city to release it, setting a deadline of November 25.

While police continue to stand by Van Dyke, denying that he did anything wrong, Cook County prosecutors say otherwise. The officer was charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday. He surrendered to authorities at 7:30 am. He was scheduled for a bond hearing at noon.

The police union representing Van Dyke claims that the teen lunged at Van Dyke with a knife, and that the officer shot him in self-defense.

The video is reported to show otherwise.

According to CBS Chicago,

“McDonald family attorneys have said dashboard camera video of the shooting contradicts the police union’s version of events, and shows a brutal “execution.” They have said the video proves McDonald did not lunge at police, and was walking away when he was shot.”

CBS Chicago reports that those who have seen the video say it is “shocking and disturbing.”

“The first shot or two seem to spin him on the ground. He falls down. He’s down on the ground, and for the next 30 seconds or so, in this video, the officer just continues to shoot. What you see are graphic puffs of smoke rising from Laquan and intermittently his body twitching, in reaction to the shots.”

During a conference call with local civil leaders, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel referred to the teen’s murder as “hideous,” but urged the community to remain calm when the video does become public.

During a news conference on Monday, the mayor prepared the public for what the video is likely to reveal.

“This officer didn’t uphold the law. In my view, he took the law into his own hands; didn’t build the trust that we want to see, and he wasn’t about providing the safety and security. So, at every point, he violated what we entrust him.”

Civil rights leaders throughout the city say that anger over the teen’s death and the police response to Van Dyke’s murderous rampage has been building since the shooting first occurred, more than a year ago. They say that “protests are imminent.”

During Monday’s press conference, Mayor Emanuel upheld the rights of citizens to “voice your opinions,” but asked that it be done in a “focused and responsible way so all voices heard.”

At minimum, police kill a Black person every 28 hours in the United States. Statistics tell us that nearly 20 percent of the executed are under the age of 21.

The hate-filled right-wing wants you to think of these children as ‘Black thugs’ and ‘criminals’ and people who were not even worthy of the ‘right-to-life’ they pretend to care so much about. They don’t want you to give their lives a second thought, or shed one tear for them or those who loved them.

We allow the police to execute another man’s son or daughter, and we accept it when they tell us that they did it to keep us safe.

We willingly believe that the ‘brave men in blue’ had no choice but to kill 12-year-old Tamir Rice, 18-year-old Michael Brown, 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey, 18-year-old Paterson Brown Jr., 19-year-old Christian Taylor and so many others, who will never have the chance to become the mature adults they could have been.

Even when all the evidence points to cold-blooded murder, as it does in the case of officer Van Dyke, there are those out there who are so devoted to the lie that Black children have to die so that white children can be safe, that they will protest on the side of the killer cops every time.

There are those who will cheer when #BlackLivesMatter protesters are gunned down in the street and beaten at white supremacist rallies Donald Trump rallies. Those are the people who say “All Lives Matter” instead of “Black Lives Matter.”

But if you can’t bring yourself to say “Black lives matter,” don’t bother to say “all lives matter,” because it’s clear as hell that, to you, all lives do not matter.

Here’s more on this story from CBS Chicago.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture via CBS Chicago