Donald Trump Meets His Number 1 Fan, And It’s The Creepiest Moment In Campaign History (VIDEO)

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump just met his number 1 fan at a political rally, and it is one of the creepiest moments in campaign history.

It’s hard to imagine many people who have found themselves so infatuated with the ideas and style of a politician that they turn up at their rally dressed as them, but one pro-Trump fanatic did just that. In return, Trump behaved like a creepy douchebag.

At this week’s Trump rally in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — a fan charged to the fore. He was wearing a Trump-style hairpiece and suit, while clutching a copy of Trump’s book and a tiny American flag in his hand. It all starts well as Trump invites him up onto the stage, and offers to sign the book. So far, so fanatical.

“This is what I call a real supporter!” Trump shouts form the mic, as if admonishing the other attendees of the rally for failing to live up to this standard.

But then, things really take a turn for the weird. Trump asks if the guy is married – at which point he answers in the affirmative and points his wife out in the crowd.

“Are you happy with your husband?” We can’t hear her reply. But Impersonator Donald does a cheesy thumbs up and Real Donald shouts to the audience:

“She said yes!” Then spreads open his arms. “She fantasizes that he’s the real Donald Trump. Can you believe it?”

At which point, Impersonator Trump throws his head back and his arms in the air as if to say, “Oh, that Donald! He’s such a loon!”

The audience cheers and Trump goes on to crack some more lame jokes. Meanwhile, anyone with half a brain is left dumbfounded that a candidate for President of the United States is talking about schtooping some guy’s wife in public. This is a man who, if Republicans have their way, will hold the highest public office in America — and here he is acting like a frat bro with a bad comb over. What’s worse is you feel like Impersonator Donald would be only too happy to hand his wife over to curry favor with his Glorious Leader. The whole thing feels more like some Jim Jones style cult than a political campaign.

America – do not drink the Kool Aid.

Featured Image via YouTube Screengrab