Here’s The Unbelievable Response From The GOP Following The Planned Parenthood Shootings


That’s how every single Republican running for President (all 14 of them – who’s counting anymore?) responded after a lone gunman decided to shoot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday, killing a police officer and two civilians, while injuring nine other people. Not ONE of them issued a statement about the terror attack. If the guy had been Muslim, do you think the situation would have been any different?

Okay, so they weren’t completely silent, at least not all of them. While ZERO of them discussed the terror attack on Planned Parenthood, a few of them had other things on their mind. Complete silence, actually, would be preferable to what Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, and Jeb Bush tweeted about INSTEAD OF talking about this tragedy. The other GOP candidates (Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, etc.) were smart enough to at least say nothing the entire day. That, or they were too busy shopping on Black Friday.

Here, take a look:

Marco Rubio thought he’d talk about the great deals he was having on his “cold weather bundle.” That’s infinitely more important than talking about a mass shooting hostage situation at a women’s health clinic, right?

Pic via Twitter

Pic via Twitter

Donald Trump did what he always does: he talked about his HUGE poll numbers and how he “couldn’t be bought.” No mention of the shootings from him, either. That’s awfully silent for a guy that almost NEVER stops talking.

Pic via Twitter

Pic via Twitter

The only tweet from Jeb the entire day was him being all excited about a college football game. We’re assuming, of course, that he’s not going to make an announcement about the shootings during his tailgate party.

Pic via Twitter.

Pic via Twitter

Mike Huckabee used the opportunity to bash President Obama in a campaign ad about the terror attacks in Paris. Getting warmer, but still, no mention of the terror attacks on Planned Parenthood. He says he’ll “make our enemies sorry they ever attacked us” but he means any attack EXCEPT ones on Planned Parenthood. Hey, Mike Huckabee, Planned Parenthood is a part of America. You can’t really take that position honestly can you?

You’d think the Planned Parenthood attack wasn’t even that big a deal, if you were judging solely on how the GOP responded. But, then you’d be wrong. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spoke up. What does that tell you? Probably nothing you don’t already know. The ‘pro-life’ GOP doesn’t care one iota about Planned Parenthood; Democrats do. The truth is, Republicans are glad Planned Parenthood was massacred. This conclusion is simply drawn from how conservative supporters flocked to the internet responding gleefully how somehow killing people at an abortion clinic saved unborn babies. It’s that kind of logic that will make you sick. It’s just one more reason you should never vote GOP.

Joe Biden perhaps said it best in 2008, when he said the “silence from the Republican party is deafening.” They’re silent on all the issues that matter. This situation is no different.

Featured image via screen capture.