Mom Refuses To Let A Gay Man Teach Her Kids – His Response Is LEGENDARY (IMAGE)

Bigots will be bigots. What else is new? One Christian mother is learning things the hard way, after sending a text message to Michael Neri, the man she vetted for teaching her kids drama at The Home of Talking Props Theatre School.

After surrendering her deposit money, she learned that Michael was gay, so she immediately decided to disenroll her kids from his course for this reason alone – despite the fact that he has such a ‘strong reputation for the performing arts.’ Instead of getting angry, Michael opted to take the high road with a witty response that is sure to piss off a few Christians. Who cares if bigots can’t stomach it – it’s a response worth every inch of the digital screen it’s printed on.

 Pic via Viral Thread

Pic via Viral Thread

Michael’s text speaks for itself. While he must have thoroughly enjoyed putting this woman and her antiquated views in their proper place, it still sucks that people are so thoroughly brainwashed by the Bible that they can’t entrust their children to someone who leads a slightly different life from their own. It’s not as if Michael is a monster or a criminal.

Michael’s point about his sexuality is spot on – sexuality doesn’t affect someone’s ability to teach, in much the same way a gay doctor’s sexuality doesn’t affect his ability to practice medicine. Would she refuse service to her dying children in the emergency room, only because the male surgeon liked men? Of course not.

While not much information is known about the woman (it’s possible he didn’t reveal this so her children wouldn’t become ostracized), other than the fact that it is making its rounds on the internet – the extraneous information doesn’t really matter. The fact is, people actually think like this. It’s not just this one lady. Michael did the right thing by sticking up for himself, and setting the record straight. Bigotry cannot be allowed to stand. Every time you call someone out, it makes others think twice. Information is power and responses like this are influential. Good for him.

Pic via Daily Metro.

Here’s Michael with his fellow teachers Grace Winnitt (left) and Zailee Parmenter. Pic via Michael Neri.

Featured image via Michael Neri.