‘No More Baby Parts’: Shooter’s Words Prove Right-Wing Rhetoric Incited PP Attack

There’s no doubt that Robert Lewis Dear, the 57-year-old white male who shot a dozen people at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs, is a right-wing extremist.

NBC reports that Dear told investigators “No more baby parts,” making a direct reference to the debunked claims made in a series of videos released by the bogus Center for Medical Progress. The videos have been directly linked to increased violence against abortion providers by the FBI.

According to New York Daily News the shooter also mentioned President Obama during a rambling statement to police, described as “disjointed.”

This information proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that right-wing propaganda and lies led directly to this terrorist attack.

According to Dear’s neighbor, Zigmond Post, the shooter kept anti-Obama literature lying around the house. Post told Buzzfeed that Dear believed that “Obama is ruining America” and that the president should be impeached.

According to Buzzfeed, Post once went to Dear’s home after his dogs had run away. “We were there for a minute and the guy was already handing us anti-Obama pamphlets,” he said.

We don’t know exactly what kind of anti-Obama propaganda was in those pamphlets, or which right-wing organization supplied them. But we can say with certainty that it was a right-wing organization, not a liberal one.

We also know that Dear spent a lot of time in a remote cabin in North Carolina, which has neither electricity or running water. A makeshift wooden cross hangs on the front of the cabin. (See an image of the cabin and cross here.)

We also know that Post once advised a neighbor to put a metal roof on his house in order to “keep out government surveillance.”

The fact that Dear’s mental stability is still in question does not in any way limit the right-wing’s culpability in this crime. In fact, it drives the point home all the more.

Conservative hate speech and right-wing propaganda is dangerous, especially because there are so many people who lack the ability to sort out the truth from the lies.

When you combine right-wing rhetoric with unlimited access to guns, the outcome is deadly, as we saw in Colorado Springs, yesterday.

*Featured image credit: Colorado Springs Police Department