Homeless Veteran Who Was Savagely Beaten Is Declared Dead (VIDEO)

A homeless veteran, beaten more than eight months ago at a gas station in Philadelphia for something of seemingly little importance, has just lost his life after struggling with his injuries this entire time.

Now that 51-year-old vet Robert Barnes has been declared dead, all the individuals accused of viciously assaulting him will probably see their charges increased from attempted murder to murder. It remains to be seen if the District Attorney will follow through or not with the more severe penalties, but that’s usually what happens following a delayed death.

The fact that he was beaten with hammers and pieces of wood makes this all the more heinous. You can see him on the video still being attacked even though he just laid on the ground completely defenseless.

Police say that the incident could have been started due to Mr. Barnes getting into an argument with a 10-year-old boy. There’s no video to confirm this, but even still, that doesn’t justify beating a man to death.

The homeless are preyed upon more than you would think. In 2013, homeless people experienced a 23 percent rise in attacks on them compared to the year prior. In all, that’s 108 attacks. And, that’s just what’s reported; you’d imagine that most aren’t. After all, what homeless person feels comfortable speaking with the police without being harassed?

Where is all this hate for those in need coming from? On the face of it, it seems to be one of the worst crimes a person could commit, that is, against someone who already has absolutely nothing – you want to go ahead and take the last ounce of dignity they have left too?

Part of the problem stems from people not being fully aware that the homeless are human beings, too. While that may be pointing out the obvious, society tends to segregate these people as “less-thans” and “non-contributors.” We do live in a country that views success as the amount of money one earns. Being homeless just doesn’t fit with that worldview.

Buzzfeed released a video a couple months ago that seeks to dismiss this fallacy. The truth is, homeless people are more human than the mindless perps who attack them. The amount of money you have, and where you decide to sleep at night, should have no bearing on how much respect you are due to receive in this life.

Watch this excellent video on the homeless:

Featured image via ABC7.