This Is The Bastard Who Is Ultimately To Blame For The Planned Parenthood Shooting

Black Friday became a lot blacker than usual when a right-wing extremist set up propane tanks in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He prepared for an attack (apparently not realizing that propane needs a flame source to ignite), and entered the building while shooting — a horrific act celebrated by conservatives because the shooter “saved lives” by attacking the facility.

The attack continued for hours, with Robert Lewis Dear — a man who has been known to complain that the president needs to be impeached and hands out anti-Obama literature to his neighbors — holed himself up in the building and fired at police through the walls. When Dear finally surrendered, he said, “No more baby parts” to law enforcement. To most of us, Dear is a terrorist — but to conservatives, the attack never happened at all, and he was a Democrat anyway.

Since the attack began, the right has been desperately attempting to deflect blame onto “liberals,” claiming that Dear is a “transgender person” because of a data entry error on his voter registration, or blatantly lying about which party he registered as (he is Unaffiliated, but that did not stop conservatives from claiming he is a Democrat). Others on the right claim that the shooting was simply a matter of circumstance and that Dear took refuge in the Planned Parenthood facility after unsuccessfully attempting to rob the Chase Bank next door — an assertion Chase put to rest quickly.

Let’s get a few things straight: Dear is a terrorist. Planned Parenthood was the target of the attack. The shooter is 100 percent male. The attack was politically motivated. There was no bank robbery, failed or not.

Now that that’s cleared up, it is important to point out that Dear did not get the idea to shoot up a Planned Parenthood to stop the sale of “baby parts” on his own; he certainly had some help. In fact, Dear was simply a weapon — and, as the NRA points out regularly, a weapon needs to be aimed at a target, and the trigger pulled.

But who held the “gun” in this attack, so to speak? Was it Fox News, who peddled lie after lie regarding Planned Parenthood selling “baby parts?” Congressional Republicans who launched a sham investigation and attempted to legislate based on those lies? Faded 2016 Republican star, Carly Fiorina, who lied about Planned Parenthood’s “baby parts” sales?

… Or is it the man who produced the fraudulent Planned Parenthood videos to begin with, David Daleiden? Daleiden founded the deceptively-named Center for Medical Progress in 2013, but “progress” is not exactly one of the anti-abortion group’s goals. Earlier this year, the conservative superstar released numerous heavily-edited videos intended to demonize Planned Parenthood. The goal of the videos was simple: 1.) Convince gullible conservatives that Planned Parenthood is illegally selling “baby parts,” 2.) ???, 3.) Profit.

In many ways, Daleiden’s venture has been a success. Despite admitting that he is a fraud on national television, Daleiden has been responsible for numerous states’ investigations into Planned Parenthood — all of which found Planned Parenthood innocent of doing anything improper — as well as a congressional investigation that ultimately left GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz admitting that Planned Parenthood did nothing wrong, attempts by Republicans to legislate based on the fake videos, and nationwide protests against Planned Parenthood’s invented “sale” of baby parts.

Despite the health organization’s innocence, conservative media — and Carly Fiorina — continued to peddle the lies to their gullible and fact-immune base. Among that base was Mr. Dear, who did exactly what Daleiden and other Republicans wanted him to do — all without being asked to do a single thing. Almost as though he realized that someone would catch on to his massive share of the blame in the attack on the Colorado Planned Parenthood, Daleiden released a statement on Friday condemning the attack.

“The Center for Medical Progress does not support vigilante violence against abortion providers,” he told Breitbart. “There are people at Planned Parenthood who I still consider friends and my thoughts and prayers are with them at this time for no one to be injured.”

Daleiden almost certainly was sincere in his wish that no one was injured. After all, when you get people hurt — or killed — with your lies, it’s a PR disaster. But, ultimately, it is his videos that created the propaganda peddled to people like Dear, and it is his videos that led to the attack, which left three people — including an extremely anti-abortion police officer and two more he was trying to protect — dead and several others injured.

Watch Daleiden admit he is a liar below:


Featured Image via CBS/Crooks and Liars