Christian Terrorists Burn Accused ‘Witches’ At The Stake; Where’s The Outrage?

In 2012, a Christian terrorist group calling itself the Anti-balaka began its reign of violence and terror in the Central African Republican. This armed “Christian” militia has engaged in what the United Nations describes as “human rights abuses such as have never been before in the country.”

The terrorist group began organizing as a “self-defense” militia, in December 2012. “Balaka” is the Sango word for machete. The name “anti-balaka” refers to the French balle, or AK-47 bullets.  The term began being used to describe the organization five or six years ago when the group organized and had “self-defense units set up – in the absence of effective state security forces – to protect communities from attacks by highway bandits or cattle raiders,” according to IRIN Africa.

Since that time, the terrorist network has established armed units in all of CAR’S 16 provinces. As the Human Rights Watch reports, the Christian terrorist organization is responsible for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths across the Central African Republic.

The group routinely targets Muslim civilians, especially women and children. The organization’s tactics include kidnapping, raping and murdering civilians, including children as young as three months old. The group specifically targets villages, schools and hospitals in its violent anti-Muslim crusade.

According to the latest United Nations report, the group raped more than 187 children, ages 7 to 17, and killed at least 49, just during the time observers were in the region between January and February of this year.

Anti-balaka members routinely accuse people of “witchcraft.” Accused civilians are tortured, imprisoned and murdered. The UN reports that citizens accused of witchcraft have been burned at the stake or buried alive by the “Christian” leaders of Anti-balaka.

As Al Jazeera reports, at least three of the terrorist organization’s leaders are known to have watched or participated in 13 documented torture sessions, in which accused citizens were burned or buried alive, during the UN’s observation period.

As UN peacekeepers looked on in horror last year, a group of “Christian” youth attacked a Muslim man, dragging him down the street.

As BBC reports,

“His limbs were hacked off. Then one of the crowd ate the flesh in a public demonstration of cannibalism.”

BBC reports in the video below.

Human Rights Watch reports that since 2014, hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians have been forced to flee their homes and communities due to terrorist attacks carried out by the Christian Anti-balaka.

Throughout January 2014 and the first week of February, thousands of Muslim families from towns with sizable Muslim populations – Bossangoa, Bozoum, Bouca, Yaloké, Mbaiki, Bossembélé, and others in the northwest and southwest – fled horrific anti-balaka attacks. Yaloké, a major gold trading center, had an estimated Muslim population of 30,000 and eight mosques prior to the conflict. When Human Rights Watch visited on February 6, fewer than 500 Muslims and one mosque remained. Muslim residents gathered at the mosque, protected by French peacekeepers, while Christian militias and residents looted and destroyed their homes and mosques.

In Bangui, anti-balaka fighters, armed with AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and grenades attacked numerous Muslim areas, forcing the population to flee. PK 12, PK13, Miskine, and Kilo 5 – all former Muslim strongholds in Bangui – are now ghost towns, devoid of Muslim residents. Some anti-balaka militants have told Human Rights Watch that they would kill any Muslims remaining in these neighborhoods.

According to the United Nations, some “902,000 people have been displaced across the country. In Bangui, which has witnessed the highest level of violence, one in every two residents has been displaced from their homes.”

With the once thriving Muslim population all but vanquished throughout the region, the United Nations has issued dire warnings concerning the threat of genocide against peaceful Muslims who once called the region their home.

During a January press briefing by United Nations investigators, a commission established to provide assistance in the region acknowledged that genocide may have already taken place.

Responding to a question from a journalist about why the Commission was reluctant to make claims of genocide even though there seems to be evidence of such crimes, Ms. M’Baye said that there is a possibility that genocide may have occurred.

However, the criteria in place right now have determined that it is too early to call what has happened ‘genocide’.

Investigators emphasized the need for international intervention within the region, to prevent genocide from occurring, if it hasn’t already occurred.

Here in the United States, reports of “Christian” violence and terrorism do not fit in well with the anti-Muslim propaganda we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Far too many right-wing Christians want to claim “all Muslims are terrorists” while at the same time denying that there are similarly evil people under their own roof and in their own house.

They condemn Sharia law, but remain silent when members of their own faith continue to burn people at the stake or bury them alive over accusations of witchcraft and supposed blasphemy against the Christian God.

Shouldn’t Christians be concerned with cleaning up their own house? I find it very sad that right-wing Christians have no desire to enforce the Bible on other Christians, but are constantly focused instead on enforcing Biblical law on people outside of their own faith.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. ” (Matthew 7: 3 and 4)

Is the terrorism of Anti-balaka the fault of all Christians? No more so than the terrorism of ISIS is the fault of all Muslims.

After Robert Lewis Dear attacked a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs last week, many Christian terrorist defenders angrily claimed that this man’s actions were not representative of all Christians. Yet, these are the same people who routinely claim that “all Muslims” are evil.

Many of us “filthy liberals” were told by right-wingers that we could “talk to them about Dear when Christians start killing people the way ISIS does.”

Christians have been murdering people in the name of their religion for centuries. From the Crusades to the Spanish Inquisition, Christians have been slaughtering people to serve Jesus, who told them to love — rather than kill — their enemies throughout history.

When you get your news and information from Fox, you likely have no idea that Christian terrorist groups like Anti-balaka even exist, or the kind of horrific crimes they commit in the name of Jesus and Christianity.

The truth does not fit with the right-wing narrative. Sadly, many self-professed Christians are unable to hear the truth. They prefer to remain under the false impression that the followers of their religion are “non-violent sinless saints.” Yet even while claiming it, not a day goes by when they aren’t calling for violence against Muslims, gays, liberals and everyone they don’t like and have labelled as “the enemies of God.”

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