Zimmerman Gives Woman’s Private Info To Racist Followers Because She Slept With ‘Dirty Muslim’

In the latest installment of the depressing series, “Why is George Zimmerman not in jail?” the unrepentant murderer of a 17-year-old African-American kid gave his followers the private information of a woman he claims cheated on him with “a dirty Muslim.” Considering the violent racists who follow Zimmerman’s twitter account, the move quite literally puts her life in danger.

For reasons that remain unclear, Zimmerman decided to post the woman’s info, along with a graphic picture of her to his followers. For the victim’s safety, we’ve chosen to censor her information.


Posting her picture, her name and her phone number and telling his fans to call her for sex, is a great way to incite sexual assault and violence. The fact that he alleged that she slept with a “dirty Muslim” at a time when hate crimes against Muslim Americans are growing out of control, makes matters even worse.

He then decided to take things even further with more tweets with more information.


Oddly, Zimmerman sandwiched this disgusting tweet in between two unrelated ones. He has so far not deleted the tweets, nor has Twitter — which claims to take harassment very seriously — made a move to ban Zimmerman from the social media service.

Zimmerman continues to prove that he is not just mentally unstable, but actually a danger to anyone around him. His violent run ins with the law didn’t end with the murder of an innocent teenager. He has popped up again and again to remind us that he is an awful human being. Somehow, he still has a strong conservative following of supporters who eat up every racist word he tweets (and that’s a big portion of his writing, these days.) He also is, beyond all comprehension, still allowed to own guns — and he has an entire arsenal of them.

His lunatic followers have already begun inundating her phone and email with calls and messages. No doubt, the woman now must hide for fear of her life. That’s “freedom” in America.