Republicans Try To Flood Washington D.C. With Guns After San Bernardino Massacre

After the massacre in San Bernardino, Senate Republicans rejected measures to keep guns out of the hands of those suspected of terrorism after a push by the NRA. Now instead of being ashamed of their inaction, Republicans are trying to flood Washington, D.C. with guns.

With mass shootings still in the spotlight, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) began the process Thursday to bring a bill to the chamber floor that would repeal a suite of gun restrictions in the nation’s capital.

McConnell sped up consideration of the bill using Rule 14 of Senate procedure, which allows the legislation to skip the committee process, and put it on the Senate calendar, meaning the majority leader can bring it up at any time.

D.C. is currently in the midst of a crime surge, and Republicans bizarrely seem to believe the solution to that problem is to bring more guns into the capital. They are often able to use D.C. as a lab for right-wing experimentation since so much of the city’s funding and governance are dependent on the federal government.

Presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul is behind the bill which has some dramatic gun provisions.

The bill, authored by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), would repeal the district’s ban on semiautomatic guns, remove criminal penalties for unregistered firearms, repeal a gun-offender registry, revoke the federal ban on interstate handgun transfers, restore the right of self-defense in the home, and require D.C. to issue and honor concealed carry firearms permits for residents and non-residents — among a litany of other provisions aimed at restoring Second Amendment rights in D.C.

Paul first tried to get these provisions passed as an amendment to the Republican bill repealing Obamacare (because flooding a city with guns has so much to do with health care, apparently).

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t a lot of clamoring amongst D.C.’s majority-black population for more guns on the street. If anything, cities like D.C. tend to support restrictive gun laws, but due to its proximity to Virginia and its comparatively lax gun laws, weapons continue to find their way into the city – and now Republicans are trying to “help.”

Featured image via NBC News