Fox Host Whines About Zombie Nativity Scene, Calls For Mocking Islam (VIDEO)

You would think Fox News would be just fine with a display of zombie Christians. After all, that’s what they are turning their viewers into.

But Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is upset about a nativity scene in Ohio that features zombies playing the roles of Mary, Joseph, the three wise men, and baby Jesus.

The creator of the popular set-up is Jasen Dixon, who runs 13 Rooms of Doom in Sycamore Township. Rather than spending more money on more mannequins, Dixon decided to recycle his Halloween zombies into a unique and festive Christmas nativity scene.

But the town council and conservative “Christians” hate it and are trying to force Dixon to take it down even though it’s on his own private property. The council is even threatening to file a lawsuit and fine Dixon $500 a day until he complies with their demands.

Dobbs, of course, is also being a whining baby about the display, claiming that Dixon doesn’t have guts because he chose to “mock” Christianity instead of Islam.

“This is appalling… The creator of this obscenity, Jasen Dixon, insists that the display in his front yard is not anti-Christian. It would be interesting to see if he had the guts to be anti-Muslim.

I think if you’re going to mock a religion, I’m thinking they should have chosen the Islamic religion. Wouldn’t that have been, somewhat, a display of courage?”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Dobbs also claimed that Dixon’s neighbors don’t like the display either, but that’s not entirely true. Many of Dixon’s neighbors actually like the display and support his right to keep it up. But you won’t hear Fox ever admit it.

But Dobbs’ call to mock Islam doesn’t make any sense. It’s a Christmas nativity scene and Muslims do not celebrate Christmas. Furthermore, Dixon has repeatedly made it clear that he is not mocking Christians with his display. It’s his version of a nativity scene, nothing more.

If anything, Dixon had the guts to express himself and celebrate the holidays his way instead of the way conservatives would prefer. He demonstrated resourcefulness, creativity, and imagination, three things conservatives apparently frown upon.

And once again, the folks at Fox News demonstrate their hatred of Muslims while turning their viewers into mindless drones. I say drones because now that I think of it, calling them zombies is an insult to zombies. Most people actually love zombies.

Featured Image via screen capture