Gun Nuts Chicken Out After Planning Mock Shooting Near College (VIDEO)

Pro-gun activists had grand plans to stage a mock shooting on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin on Saturday, but when they attracted nationwide scorn and media attention they altered their little show.

The gun fans had planned to stage the shooting in order to protest legislation that prevents guns on college campuses and the existence of gun-free zones. Instead, they basically hid from the television cameras and the counter protesters.

The gun-rights advocates stored their weapons in their cars before the walk, then abruptly moved the location of the mock shootings two blocks so that it was out of sight of most of the media as well [as] a noisy opposition group. Murdoch Pizgatti, the president of the two gun-right groups staging the event, said the change was made because protesters at the original site were “not going to give us a space to voice our opinions,” and to stress the point that mass shootings are never announced and cannot be anticipated.

Both students and gun safety advocates pointed out the numerous reasons why this protest was a bad idea. Coming right on the heels of the mass shootings in Paris, Colorado Springs, and San Bernardino, this kind of event – where the gun fans planned to use guns made from cereal boxes – is insulting to the memories of the people who have been killed by actual mass shooters. At the same time, the protest was scheduled at the same time as finals at the university, providing an unnecessary disruption for students trying to do their last bit of studying.

Open carry groups have been causing heartache to the pro-gun movement in recent months as they have stepped up the visibility and outlandishness of their actions. While people support some level of gun rights, they often don’t like the idea of gun fans casually strolling around Target and Walmart with their weapons on display over their shoulders. Some have said the open carry crowd is so off-putting they often appear as if they’re in the employ of gun safety activists.

At one point an NRA website called the open carry movement “counterproductive for the gun owning community,” though that statement was rebuked by the NRA when it received some unwanted exposure.

The fact of the matter is, openly carrying guns would not make a mass shooting incident any safer and frankly introduce an x-factor of danger that law enforcement officers would prefer not to deal with. Imagine a police officer coming on scene to a mass shooting and he or she finds a person with a gun – how do they know who the shooter is and who the “good guy with a gun” is? Even when bystanders have gotten involved in helping out in mass shootings, the successful gun owner is almost always former or active military, law enforcement or other profession trained to use firearms in a dangerous situation (like a security guard). It is rarely the NRA dream of a Regular Joe who becomes Rambo or Dirty Harry in a flash.

Open carry is dangerous, as are its supporters, and when they got called out they ran away with their tails between their legs.

Featured image via YouTube