This Simple Chart Proves Lying Is Inherent In Republicans’ Nature (INFOGRAPHIC)

You have probably heard the old adage, “How do you know when a Republican is lying/When his or her lips are moving!” The unfortunate truth is that, no matter how much our friends on the Right feign outrage whenever someone accuses them of lying, in all likelihood there is little chance that they are being honest about anything. In an op-ed for the New York Times Friday, Politifact fact-checker Angie Drobnic Holan laid out the truth: of the statements they have checked, in terms of honesty, Republicans have somehow managed to drill through the floor and plant themselves firmly in the sub-sub-sub-basement.

It appears as though, to be popular among republicans, all a candidate needs to do is lie. Whether a Republican is claiming he tried to stab someone but was thwarted by a dastardly belt buckle, all Mexicans are rapists, or that Planned Parenthood sells “baby parts” on the black market, the key is to lie, lie, lie and everything will be just fine. Of Donald Trump’s fact-checked statements, Holan says they “rated fully three-quarters of them as Mostly False, False or “Pants on Fire” (we reserve this last designation for a claim that is not only inaccurate but also ridiculous).”

Ben Carson, the person in the passenger seat of the clown car that is the 2016 GOP pool — and the man who claimed pyramids functioned as grain silos because he thinks he read it in the Bible — actually fares much worse in terms of honesty, with 84 percent of his statements receiving at least  a “Mostly False” rating.

Carly Fiorina, the person whose rhetoric helped encourage Planned Parenthood Christian terrorist Robert Dear to shoot up the health organization’s Colorado Springs, Colorado facility, actually fares slightly better than Trump or Carson — though she is absolutely a liar-liar-pants-on-fire.

“Most of the professional politicians we fact-check don’t reach these depths of inaccuracy,” Holan writes. “They tend to choose their words more carefully.”

By contrast, Democrats tend to be much more honest. President Barack Obama, for instance — a man who holds the distinction of being the most fact-checked politician by Politifact — is rated at least “mostly false” 26 percent of the time. Both  Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ numbers are similar, with 28 percent of statements sliding toward dishonesty. Based on fact-checked statements, Sanders (followed closely by Clinton) is the most honest of the entire 2016 field, with 54 percent of his statements rated at least “true” and zero “pants on fire” ratings.

As much as Republicans hate him, former President Bill Clinton lies the least out of everyone on this chart:


Republicans are serial liars — that’s no secret. The problem is that, even with data like this available, Republicans simply don’t care as long as those lies support their shoddily-crafted and bigoted narratives.

Featured image via screengrab